Tencent micro view: differentiation + ambition + commercial

on September 28, tencent launched a short video sharing application of micro view, the industry mixed reviews. Short video sharing abroad have accumulated enough users and started trying to commercialization, the Vine as Twitter, Facebook, sets, the new version of the Line is called the “micro” new short video sharing features. Several mainstream of domestic mobile social applications are currently not offering video related functions, micro letter opened a good start.
Although at present only launched the IOS version of the micro view, but believe that soon after the android version will be launched in succession. The early stage of the micro letter when patch 5.0, after months of fermentation, then just launched the first version of the IOS, android version is also in the back online, already let the part of the android users unhappy, especially announced on the day of release 5.0 android version of the micro letter, afternoon to choose release, attracted many “simple” user, the micro view, tencent has no the high-profile. What is the meaning of the micro view online?
mobile social differentiation competition market
By the end of June 2013, China mobile instant messaging $397 million Internet users, is increased by 45.2 million at the end of 2012, utilization rate is 85.7% (data from CNNIC 32 times the China Internet network development state statistic report), mobile social once led the trend of mobile Internet applications.
The scio on July 25 in the first half of 2013 industrial telecommunication industry development conference, held in micro letter more than 400 million subscribers; Message message on July 8 announced on the official weibo, users has breakthrough 50 million mark. Millet, chairman of the company, lei jun announced at a conference in the first rice noodles dating in the year to July, m chat users reached 40 million; On August 26, were announced users more than 20 million; Easecredit announced the total user has crossed must mark at the end of August, the recent growth rate, around 1 million days on September 23, 2013, alibaba group launched a new generation of version 4.0 of instant messaging software “and”…
Although is WeChat mobile social market dominance, but others such as easy letter, the social product is not outdone, has tried to a share in the field of mobile social, because mobile social field for the user more convenient than video, and other products for users. In accordance with the WeChat users is currently don’t have to worry about the impact of other social product, but the word of “the tortoise and the hare” in the field of Internet still apply, so baidu CEO robin li proposed the “Wolf”.
In the face of many of the mobile social networking products, micro letter to make mobile social differentiation competition market, the video is a good way. From the point of the trajectory of Internet product development, from the initial pure text to image, and voice again, finally to the video, video is the “ultimate form” of the development of Internet products. Mobile social applications, a simple graphic, voice has been difficult to meet the needs of users, especially the existence of these features is the “standard”, need to have an order of magnitude of products on the market to break the existing form of social products.
Micro view launched just broke the current form of social products, the use of video to add the social elements of the product, this is an order of magnitude of change. Like the emergence of the “local tyrants gold”, while including samsung and other mobile phone products are going to or being launched “local tyrants gold products”, but “the” first sip soup or be taken over by apple, backward means beaten, the combination of micro and micro view has preoccupation of mobile social applications, even if later other social products launched a similar short video function, also just “second” in one thousand, the apparent good solve the problem of the differentiation development of micro letter, so that the movement of the other social products can only “I ran in front, you chase after”.
tencent weibo ambition
Share the have to WeChat friends and WeChat the function of the circle of friends, also have the function of the share to tencent weibo. By the end of June 2013, weibo users scale to 331 million in our country, is the end of 2012 rose by 22.16 million, an increase of 7.2%. Internet users in weibo utilization rate reached 56.0%, more value, increased by 1.3%. In June 2013 mobile phones users in weibo utilization rate of 49.5%, second only to instant messaging, mobile search, network news, music, even better than mobile phones network literature, network game, mobile phone network video all these usage will be much higher.
Recently apple ios7 formal version available, tencent weibo with apple in ios7 depth cooperation, pioneering IOS – SDK support third-party app authorization. Tencent weibo users are more than weibo, but does not intend to give up of tencent microblogging market, coupled with twitter on September 12, apply to the U.S. regulators proposed listing of stimulation, tencent for tencent weibo more keen.
Weibo data center also showed UGC short video is more popular with the users, tencent weibo entries with micro upload short video open its microblogging market, in the future the microblogging market have more opportunities and weibo and other microblog products for the world.
open mobile application commercial market
Mobile social applications of commercialization problem has always been deeply upset, in addition to such as social game, paying fees for services such as facial expressions, the other has not a clear profit model. I always think these social applications are holding the user in the “hell” dance, although have never level of users, but not significantly profitable, on the contrary, its human maintenance costs, such as hardware maintenance costs become burdensome for the development of the company.
, according to data from iresearch UGC short video weeks flow number up to 9.6 times, far more than other forms of video. China’s online video sites UGC video broadcast coverage reached more than 400 million people, 380 million people ahead of the long video. UGC short video will show higher growth, its social value and marketing value will be more emphasis on video web site, in the industry around the UGC also will be more competitive.
Micro depending on the continuation of the micro letter public media gene, will be popular, creative, and celebrities, beauty, all kinds of Eva and funny and so on has carried on the classification, if we can use the celebrity video advertising and marketing marketing value, micro depending on the value created will be enormous.
Micro see online, of course, also can bring some disadvantages, such as the basis of the traffic problem, in the process of user upload video traffic, basic service is the “indifference” ah, the wifi environment, these is not a problem, but under the environment of flying wifi to how to solve? Another is related regulatory issues, video content is legal, whether there will be an illegal content mixed among them, this also is the content of the micro view should be considered.
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