“Tencent investment ctrip” or where to go for IPO spin farce

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

in the coffee shop chat, friend also message said look at news, tencent to take a stake in ctrip!

woo hoo, this also is really a big news.

tencent accounted for over 51% of the shares, more than 60 dollar valuation, so highly confidential negotiations conditions were exposed. With an hung out in the Internet experience for many years, the news somewhat odd.

or fast write something to hunt cloud network, talk about my personal point of view.

near the spectrum:

tencent in ctrip logic was established. Tencent ctrip idea, this logic is founded, tencent have plenty of silver, ctrip is the dominant online travel. A rich one. Increased WeChat was born for this logic and imagination. WeChat too commercial. Another factor is ali in the tourism market, visible, tencent is also see in the eye.


are both listed company, involving major investment and financing, big enough to affect stock price. The disclosure of such high specification, cannot be as simple as senior leaks. This is the rumours in the most unlikely places.

interesting places:

I have rich imagination, the rumors of ctrip value more than 60 dollars, 50% higher than the current market value, investment and financing in the history of the Internet at home, has never been in the memory. It reminded me of where to go, where to do?

if tencent invested in ctrip, where the ipo is about to die? Personally think that on the contrary, the high valuation is where endorsement ctrip.

in June 2011, and where to sign the deal, baidu baidu subscribe go net new cost $300 million to $181 million of common stock, for a 62.01% stake in the latter as its largest shareholder. Where the value is less than $500 million.

last year, where to have adjusted their architecture, divided into air, hotel and wireless business and innovation business department, to venture to examine the project scheme, allow each department introducing external resources. Big business to run, to examine the revenues, profits; In product operation, business models, the new sales department to examine the total losses, the department reports directly to the where to CEO ZhuangChen super. The company has set up a new option pool. Although some employees after receive options, but in order to motivate, probably will be the next wave of options.

business structure adjustment, to set up the option pool are important signal of IPO.

is a more interesting place, where in April this year and the net $57 million new financing, baidu and vote again. This suggests that, where the money is listed before finally a financing.

said so much, dear reader, I still wait and see.

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