Tencent internal mail exposure of mobile Internet and mutual entertainment business adjustment

cloud network hunting for tencent internal mail this afternoon, email content involves the mobile Internet business group and interactive entertainment group organization structure adjustment and the decision of the appointment or dismissal of cadres in middle management.

the main content is as follows:

undo the mobile Internet business group of wireless gaming products division, wireless value-added products, related functional and team to adjust to the interactive entertainment group of related departments.

interactive entertainment group of newly formed under the two departments. Is a multicolored workshop, responsible for the development of wireless since research game products and operations, directly report to Ren Yuxin Guo Yong served as general manager. Content and copyright sales department was established, responsible for the development of cartoon and literature related content and operations, and based on the content of copyright in the relevant copyright expand, authorization, film and television business, such as grieco served as general manager, report directly to Ren Yuxin.

worth notice is that the adjustment in the APP market highlighted tencent applications of treasure. LLLDD served as assistant general manager, mobile Internet business group of wireless security products division is responsible for the application of the planning, development and operation of treasure products overall management work, to the mobile Internet business group, vice President of Ding Ke report.