Tencent ctrip refuse to review trade rumors, see how the industry views

(editor: liu)

this afternoon there are media reports that tencent company is participating in negotiating with ctrip, want to buy more than 51% of the shares. The hunting call ctrip cloud network public relations and tencent investor relations, both sides said the rumors to comment.

report mentioned, tencent on ctrip give valuations reached $6 billion, more than the $4.1 billion market value premium is about 50%. Shares of stock in the given full commercial reason is hoping to assist micro letter.

at present, still unable to confirm the transaction, and negotiations in what degree. Hunting cloud network is forecasted, the transaction is the possibility of a part, but tencent were less likely to seek 51% holding.

it’s a little possibility that because WeChat O2O strategy is combined with ctrip business has a larger space. In addition, from the trade rumors in the afternoon after exposure, tencent, general manager of investor relations and director went unanswered phone both, or just trading was suddenly exposed to discuss countermeasures, to hunt cloud network reply say this when the evening declined to comment.

but there are also places, a ctrip shares currently in the year high, if need to cost about $3 billion of tencent holdings 51%, this is not the kind of tencent’s investment style; Second, although Mr. Fan abdication, James liang on the stage, the basic or in control of the company founder, there should be no risk control to surrender. As a result, the deal is most likely, tencent account for a small stake, looking for business to do grafting.

today is another event, adding a net announced that from now on will tap into online travel, hotel search, comparison service for consumers. Value is the growth potential of online.

for online travel business, tencent has launched in early layout. Launched in 2010, QQ travel; In 2011, $84.4 million strategic investment elong and 16% of the shares, tens of millions of yuan investment in 2012 with routine network and so on.

to see the personage inside course of study how to see the time trade rumors:

Zhou Jiangong: stories about the tencent’s acquisition of ctrip, I also 24 hour ago and ctrip, chairman and CEO James liang together, he is talking about the technology, products, and the future vision and strategy. According to my other sources in the ctrip, can only say it. Estimate today someone wanted to do more than a short-term ctrip, deliberately spread this message.

@ cotton cloth: pull? The equity of ctrip so scattered, how to achieve 51%?

xie wen: ctrip lack of Internet consciousness and ability, tencent’s lack of offline capabilities, this acquisition is worth.

@ vomit a trough: this is not reality, tencent has been elong’s shareholders, then became a big shareholder, ctrip this alleged monopoly industry, not batch of above!

shenzhen bao khairun zainal mokhtar technology co., LTD., general manager: beam back in ctrip CEO give up professor of Peking University work, can sell high price also is pretty good results. Wow!!!!

Gong Wenxiang: just saw tencent to acquire the news of ctrip, ali said yesterday after all the money used to buy local electrical business life. It seems that the life of the Chinese service (no physical commodity) electricity to outbreak, this is a bigger than real electricity market. It’s a pity that baidu has ah and word-of-mouth network didn’t wait until today. Future will continue to hear o2o and local living electricity business financing and acquisition news, sell goods have become the pronoun of old electrical contractor.