Tencent company fully block 360 to over 360 websites guard interface

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

Internet pr war has never ceased, but I recently observed that previously focused on individual level market public relations campaign has a trend of spreading to the enterprise market. Recently, tencent company DNSPod suddenly to 360 site guard products, start blocking 360 sites guard service ( hunting cloud network note: ). At the same time, the guard’s rival, innovation works 360 web site owned by AnQuanBao products executives 3 consecutive 360 site guards negative comments, AnQuanBao is tencent indirect participation in the company. Has always been calm suddenly changeable site security industry, a lot of people call can’t see clearly. Actually a little heart can see, this is tencent for a series of public relations campaign, more than 360 design and DNSPod and AnQuanBao just to attack 360 tools.

relationships: DNSPod, behind AnQuanBao now tencent, 360 innocent

DNSPod with tencent: DNSPod is one of the main website DNS service provider in China, the general users are difficult to make the company have anything to do with tencent, but in fact, tencent as early as in 2012 has been wholly acquired DNSPod.

AnQuanBao with tencent: AnQuanBao innovation works is owned by a business, business model is the same as 360 site guards, different site guard completely free, AnQuanBao part for free. Seemingly have nothing to do with tencent, but in fact, as early as 2011, tencent is large investment innovation works.

DNSPod and AnQuanBao: according to media reports, the two has formed a strategic cooperative relations.


DNSPod and site guard: DNSPod is in the service of the website provides analytic vendors, web site guards is to provide free protection and accelerate the vendors, service content is actually complementary relationship between the two sides, many users will use DNSPod guard service website.

AnQuanBao and site guard: service content is the same, belong to the competitive relationship, the biggest difference is that a site guard completely free, AnQuanBao part of the service for free.

from this information as you can see, the two manufacturers, and there are tencent figure, suddenly tacit cooperation to guard over 360 web site it is not hard to understand.

comments: cooperate with the tacit understanding, in order to pr again regardless of user interests

this, from the vice President of microblogging certification for AnQuanBao joint product of weibo posted an article accusing 360 site guards DNSPod requires the user to input user name password, fetching DNSPod back-end data. 360 site security director Zhao Wu in weibo response: site guard just normal call DNSPod open API, in order to let the user more convenient modify the parsing of a key, to use the site guard free site protection service, need not log in manually modify several platforms. Calls to strictly abide by the process and no AnQuanBao executives accused of fetching data behavior, and several other manufacturers also USES this invocation style, it is pointed out in the official documentation to allow such call way.

and DNSPod website after AnQuanBao executives over the second day of the announcement on its website, don’t call the roll to point out that there is a third party sites allow users to input DNSPod usernames and passwords, can lead to account risk, and fully blocked 360 site guard service. All use DNSPod website user, that is no longer able to use 360 site guard free site protection and accelerate the service, if you want to use the site guard, use other service providers from DNSPod will have to leave, this is tencent again persecuted users a choice.

AnQuanBao executives are holding a DNSPod website statement to the 360 site guards again, for why DNSPod without statement not named pick out he was Shouting? Why blame only 360 but don’t blame other to shut down the problem of multiple vendors. It is not hard to see, the event is the biggest beneficiary AnQuanBao, tencent’s DNSPod guards blocked 360 website, DNSPod of a large number of users can choose to use AnQuanBao service or leave DNSPod platform.

position: the user supreme interests or commercial competition is supreme

the incident once again reflects China’s Internet industry an important position, the user supreme interests or commercial competition is supreme. 360 site security director said on weibo in response to the site guard normal call DNSPod open API interface, in the final analysis is to allow users to save on multiple platforms of manual operation, give users a better experience. About account security technical problems, willing to delve into and contribute to the industry technology upgrading, make user account more secure.

he called on at the same time, the website security situation grim situation in China, various security vendor should be in line with an open mind, the common popular site safety concept, do the market, rather than words have no basis in fact.

and tencent’s DNSPod, shielding guard 360 web site will no doubt bring a large amount of use of the site guard user inconvenience, tencent in site security market director together again: “a choice”. Tell from the website security industry, or from a user experience point of view, this is all sacrifice user interests and the interests of the industry business competition.