Ten years, taobao has become a life


this paper character biographies:

Shen Qi, flower son, July 8, 2002 with university graduation certificate report to alibaba, after four days spent his 21st birthday; In May 2003, shortly after the end of SARS isolation, was sent into the lake in the garden, became a taobao “double son”. Ten years, website operation and the service is her main job content.

WC next to the mysterious “investment”

huaxing technology, locating diagonally opposite to the ninth floor of the front desk, next to the toilet, have an office in “investment” brand. Everyone in the company made an investment project called “ali mother”.

q: you are the second batch of secret signing into taobao, hear what before?

sonya: in fact, in February 2003, huaxing technology, locating diagonally opposite to the ninth floor of the front desk to woo hin (toilet), and hung up a “investment” brand of office. Everyone in the company made an investment project called “ali mother”. I was heard that companies invested in new business, very mysterious. Go to the bathroom every time looking into the “investment”.

SARS isolation after back to work one day, when the director Jiang Fang mysterious called me aside and asked me if I know not to know a investment company, said I know, is next to the toilet, she ask me: “the team will recruit people, the existing teams will take an employee to support, our team have chosen you, will you don’t want to go to?” Said I need to think about it, about an hour later, I can say with Jiang Fang, no problem, since the company choose to me, definitely have to assess my ability and potential.

Jiang Fang said she also don’t know what let me to do, but the horse will always talk to me. After a day or two, I was “summoned”. Office with Mr. Tsai, Peng Lei, Ma Zong, because before with Ma Zong had l, he said: “I know you.” And then to describe the things again, handed him a pile of a centimeter thick of the English original. Mentioned daily work time is 6 x 12, is 6 days, 12 hours a day, arrange dormitory, can’t talk to anyone in what to do, including your parents, family, boyfriend.

q: have you ever wondered why the chosen people are you?

sonya: thought. Probably has to do with my working experience. In July 2002, I graduated from the alibaba, in good faith after the first 10 months of sales support team. Responsible for the alibaba assigned trustpass members opened the AV certification. Authentication is the final step of pre-sale, bear the pressure is very big, because my hands a bit, member services even when opened, this requires that I absolutely can’t go wrong in the process of review.

I just came, via the “integrity” was born 100 days, a few months later, the member quantity is broken, because opened service button is in charge, I remember the ten thousandth “trustpass members” was born, many people are surrounded by before to my seat, beating drums to celebrate.

when login to ebay, occasionally found in addition to the enterprises to do business on the Internet, people can also, the feeling is very novel, but didn’t think of what could be happened with me intersection, turn on “SARS” segregation come back the day after.

q: what you experienced during the period of “SARS”?

sonya, “SARS” segregation during the company of a special “trustpass” certification line was tapping into my home. Time, even in the middle of the night will receive a customer consultation from Hong Kong, Japan, members use blunt Chinese communication with me, I will sigh in my mind, alibaba is a magical place.

the days of isolation, let my parents to alibaba had a deeper understanding of the company. They know that pick up the phone to use mandarin, said: “hello, alibaba!” My father always kept isolated community when used on door lock in our family.

dwelling on the shores of lake taobao

into taobao, the first thing is: “our future will be more and more, you go to all the flower in the jin yong’s novels to register it again.”

q: double son’s name is your own? For the first time to the mysterious “base” how does it feel?

double son: no, no. Is the small treasure, because xiao bao said, the novel AKe treated him bad, he missed the 1st so I hope there is a girl called double son to serve him. Of course this is a joke. Had small treasure and AKe flower decided after Ma Zong said, in came behind the name of the girl with trinket wei first wife do a flower, so I has been given a name is good.

May 23 that day, I am out of the huaxing mansion on the colleague’s car. I know want to go to another office, but didn’t expect is a house.

I also dare not speak, full of doubt followed colleagues into the residential building, on the second floor, just take the door, she heard a man ha ha ha laugh three bright and clear, “my double son finally come!” He is the small treasure.

q: on the first day you were given a what kind of work?

sonya: team told me to do the first thing is: “our future will be more and more, double son you to put all the flower in the jin yong’s novels are registered again.” Then I just know, originally can take a flower, so I can ask for? He said no, “sonya is not quite good?” That day my “registered” down dozens of flower.

I’m a sales support, is zoned to the service line, along with AKe do membership service, the first day is familiar with taobao station structure, especially the BBS, the BBS have done enough scale, the team hopes to use poly popularity of popularity of the practice on taobao first together.

remember taobao homepage have a clover design, there is a girl’s head, wearing a hat that should be 5 on 10 day launched the first edition of taobao homepage. I was received a task, taobao page lack material picture, I was designer Yang Xiao shout out in the big lake garden lawn on various Pose , took a lot of photos. Then the head appeared in a lot of activities or channel page. I also calculate on taobao first page of the first generation for girl!

real-name authentication of the pioneer of “taobao”

is my certification rules, membership is my closed, certification opening is what I do, is the judgment to the naked eye. The first pioneer “taobao” 861 people, we also through fax id authentication mode, caught a liar.

q: on May 14, the number of goods on taobao, 1000, on the premise of the pursuit of quantity, how can think of to do membership certification?

sonya: online quantity breakthrough 1000 , but in fact behind the number of sellers or very little, was in charge of marketing for skyshatter and Yang guo and xiao bao people planning a taobao member certification activities, is the most loyal members to stay. All taobao’s membership in this period of time, by fax id card, you can gain a pioneer of “taobao” logo. Before I made ten months in trustpass members certification, so he took the implementation of specific work.

is my certification rules, authentication data is my closed, certification opening is what I do, is the judgment to the naked eye. The first pioneer “taobao” 861 the individual. Later, identity authentication and the public security network callings, all identity information manually upload information to the public security network do validation. Later, became a familiar alipay certification.

we also by fax id authentication mode, caught a liar.

when the scanner and digital camera is not so common and cheap, members are from id information by fax. From fujian province, the liar is, the way he by modifying the id photocopy, again is to copy the copy, fax over just don’t see corrections, passed the authentication. On taobao deceive buyers, also didn’t pay treasure, buyers money is call directly to the sellers account, because means is poor, was quickly caught a buyer. When on the BBS, everybody to cheat is a shout, the enthusiastic buyers called. Said: “I believe that your platform, but one was cheated. The seller must be a fraud.” I hope we bring him to justice.

we cooperate with the buyer in a play, buyers pretended to be interested in goods, through the phone to set of cheats the specific address, card number, etc., good convenience itself.

to members with fraud information, we immediately contact fujian province public security, quickly identified the criminal suspect. Also really thank the efficient public security, after all, we report a case, the member does not produce the actual loss. Is also very grateful to the member of the “serious”. Frequently in the BBS of all sorts of unpleasant encounter, when someone says they shopping in the BBS members will help us small 2 to relief work, plan plan to find a way to together, the maintenance of the taobao platform operation. In fact, in the mind of the early members taobao today is that they do big with small 2, is their own children.

“adult” sites

I went to the lake in the second week, Ma Zong to when we have weekly meeting, he said, adult products it’s very suitable for the network shopping, or we’ll do the biggest adult website.

q: in order to increase and the number of members are sold at the time, think a lot of ideas?

double son: yes, remember the second week, I went to the lake Ma Zong to when we have weekly meeting, he said, adult products it’s very suitable for the network shopping, or we’ll do the biggest adult website. Heard these words, I was scared to stay, because I was in addition to the member responsible for certification have another work, audit is goods, the quantity I have come in every day, almost all new stores goods I have seen, the price is reasonable, is there any obscenity, etc. Adult supplies Ma Zong said to do, but also do the country’s largest, my eyes almost fell down.

shortly after one night, I received a phone call, is a woman crying complaints taobao, it turns out that she was pregnant, her husband bought adult products on taobao and then ignore her… I politely comfort, help her analysis, does not prove that her husband’s behavior doesn’t love her… Enlighten the most, as a result, it became a proverb to the office, I said the friends of the unmarried is women. This matter to my touches is very big, the original taobao is not only to provide people trading platform, it will impact on people’s lives.

second startup, beat ebay

when in May 2004 launched the “second venture” mode. Is everyone’s working hours from 5 x 8 hours, back to the lake in the garden when the 6 x 12 hours.

q: humble abode in lake garden, will miss the original team and department? Pressure big?

double son: yes, in fact we were still at ali Intranet “talking” to “diving”, everyone will think we are former colleagues doing, before what kind of state to their business. Remember one day, not Yang guo is small treasure, in our group made a post on a “talking”, “as the taobao’s influence grew, have colleagues attention to it, say it like alibaba’s style and culture, make the company high-level attention, later is likely to become the threat of ali… “We’ll steal the music here.


20 3 years is really no pressure, because don’t even know what this thing can make ma, how big can do, everything is in the doing the feel, the more do the more achievements, so our KPI combined by yourself. The achievements of employees is today and I have an idea being approved by the boss, will go up, because its very easy. The 20 04, management of pressure is big, because to beat ebay. Ma Zong at that time, the god of wealth, often give us do mobilization meeting and also expansion of a lot of classmates, 20 04 May launched the “second venture” mode. Is everyone’s working hours from 5 x 8 hours, back to the lake in the garden when 6 x 12 hours. Everyone’s morale is very high, ordinary people to do extraordinary things, only by working hard to try again.

q: second startup small 2 when the job is how to arrange?

double son: I was above the seat has a white board, it draws a target, where our ranking, ebay, where an arrow, updated every day, and then to our requirement is Alex ranking than ebay. At the start of the “second venture”, I think the taobao operation give to dig out their potential, because the goal is very clear is the number of goods. Our operation to start, such as pull the bookseller, adult supplies distributor in. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull