Ten ideas

people oriented
Nowadays, in the 21st century, society has shifted from focusing on science and technology to developing a people-oriented society. Education, as a lofty undertaking to foster and develop qualified personnel needed by society to promote social development and improvement, should naturally embody the people-oriented spirit of the times. Therefore, modern education emphasizes people-oriented, focuses on the whole process of education and teaching in the whole process of education and teaching, focusing more on people, understanding people, respecting people, protecting people, and enhancing and developing people’s human spirits. It pays more attention to people’s realistic needs and future development Develop and tap people’s own endowments and potential, pay more attention to their own values ​​and their realization, and devote themselves to cultivating people’s self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-reliance and self-reliance consciousness, and continuously improve people’s spiritual and cultural qualities and quality of life. Improve people’s ability to survive and develop, and promote their own development and improvement. In view of this, modern education has become an important means of enhancing national cohesion and has become the basis for comprehensive national strength and is increasingly integrated into the trend of the times, attracting much attention and people’s attention.
All-round development
Therefore, it is more concerned with the integrity and comprehensiveness of human development. In a macroscopic view, it is a national education oriented to all citizens, pays attention to the all-round development of the entire nation and vigorously promotes the development of people as a whole. Improve and develop the entire nation’s ideological and moral qualities and scientific and cultural qualities, raise the national knowledge innovation and technological innovation capability, and enhance the comprehensive national strength including national cohesion as the fundamental objective; at the microscopic level, it promotes the promotion of every student’s morality in Germany , Intellectual, physical, aesthetic, labor and other aspects of all-round development and improvement, creating a comprehensive development of personnel as their responsibility. This requires people to realize the education concept from the elite education to the mass education, from the professional education to the general education, in the education method to take Germany, Chile, the United States, labor and other education simultaneously, the overall education Education strategy.
Quality education
Modern education abandoned the traditional education emphasis on knowledge imparting and absorbing education ideas and methods, pay more attention to the transformation of knowledge in the process of education and ability to internalize the good qualities of people, emphasizing knowledge, ability and quality in the overall structure of the personnel Interaction, Dialectical Unity and Harmonious Development. In view of the defects of traditional education, such as knowledge transfer, light practical ability, heavy test scores and light overall quality, modern education emphasizes forging and comprehensive quality training and training of students’ practical abilities, and advocates that ability and quality are more important and stable than knowledge , More lasting elements of the overall quality of student training and improvement as the center of education and education to grasp, to help students learn to learn and strengthen the quality of the basic education goals, aimed at the full development of students’ qualities of potential, so that knowledge, Ability, quality and harmonious development, improve people’s overall standard of development.