Tell you a detailed Su Ningyi purchase in the first half of the summary and the second half of the strategy

(editor: qing nan)

electrical contractor in June after the war the smoke clears, the industry has entered a relatively stable inventory adjustment in July. In ali “rookie” layout, jingdong “accomplishment rests”, still use electricity as “marathon run” Su Ningyi bought did not reappear a surge of the first half of the situation, focus is placed on the cloud business model to explore, organization structure, such as online offline single-phase &three-phase synergy on the adjustment.

as “catfish” of electricity industry, Su Ningyi purchase what on earth do? Recently, the Su Ningyi purchasing executive vice President li bin foreign did in the first half of the review, and disclose the second half of the year will take a strategic move.

in the first half of the adjustment work

in the last year after the world war 8.15 last year, suning were disillusioned thoroughly, the electricity business line gradually increasing investment on screens, rich product line, and buy red children score of last year, li bin to Su Ningyi purchase made 70 only. After all, the “accelerated” expansion performance also exposed many problems, online alignment is not enough, decision-making chain is too long, there is a gap service experience, popularity rose quickly, attracted a lot of new users, but loyal customer conversion rate is not high, the profit pattern of continuous didn’t set up, and so on.

at the beginning of the year, Su Ningyi m&a did not like last year sales goal programming, according to li bin, group has unified thought, adjust the rhythm of running a marathon, enter the stage of strategic adjustment. According to li bin, since the Spring Festival in the first half of the adjustment direction and results can be summed up in the “three changes” :

1 is “brainwashing”, transition from traditional retail to the Internet business model of comprehensive

suning group organization structure adjustment, at the beginning of the establishment of a unified as a whole of online commodity business headquarters after commodity procurement, Su Ningyi purchase completely around the core business to reset “Internet business”, adding cloud products, the client, the local life, content around the Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and many other products, customer data mining and value-added services to provide business sector. Su Ningyi purchase also actively committed to the innovation of enterprise culture, create the new atmosphere of learning and innovation of the whole staff, the introduction of large-scale social talent also brought more mature thinking and Internet experience.

2 is “physical”, from independent online, to the integration of unified management

as the cloud business model formally forming, su ning in view of the problems exposed by the previous, make the organization structure comprehensive adjustment, especially in early June online formal implementation of the same price, make suning online implements “the same product, same price, and service”, “meet” real together, two channels so that the cloud, the implementation of the O2O mode broke the last obstacle, a series of virtual display, fusion to pay, the online store order service unceasingly in the ground, to the fusion, open platform for su ning also double major opened the door.

3 is “yi jin”, from the performance oriented to customer experience oriented comprehensive transformation

based on traditional retail Su Ningyi purchase, in the initial assessment mechanism and retail enterprises are very similar, more for sales, gross margin, such as financial index evaluation, but the information transparency, pay attention to the Internet consumer culture makes the user experience of sharing in the electricity business management the important role of growing.

this Su Ningyi bought in this year, on the one hand, reduce the short-term (frequency, to everyday activities in the form of everyday low prices, cultivate the consumption habit of the user; , on the other hand, a series of customer satisfaction as the measure of comprehensive implementation of assessment index, such as commodity operating rate of pages available, delivery personnel on the same day after the single rate and the personnel of the service of a phone call resolution rate, etc.

in addition, Su Ningyi purchasing services for the construction of software and hardware platform and the rapid development in the first half of the year: logistics cloud mass storage base construction speed, completed more than 50% of the construction progress; Su Ningyi purchase headquarters base cap, Beijing, nanjing, three big cloud technology research and development centers in the United States to the ground; Has more than 1300 stores across the country to the point of construction.

Guide the second half of

“to keep the industry growth rate of the first goal won’t change!” Li bin in the second half of the Su Ningyi purchase goal. At the same time, he added, “sales growth and market share is not the only indicator, we expect the business model will continue to improve, in user experience, open platform, category management depth has a big breakthrough.”

Li Binyong summed up in the second half of the four keywords Su Ningyi purchase strategy:

New platform

– suning open platform as early as last year, was originally based on the expansion of the category and the drainage effect, on the user’s late because of the cloud business model is put forward, with open platform “retail” took on a whole new positioning, combined with the unique advantages of suning, build online synchronous open O2O platform. Li stressed that this is completely different from current industry platform for the B2C and C2C platform, Su Ningyi purchase and define it as the platform 3.0 mode. As the first half of the whole open platform function to planning and development to a close, the platform is expected at the end of July to complete the final testing, officially launched in August. Su Ningyi purchase will be officially released the latest platform in recent policy, and in the past year investment reserves thousands of households, on the basis of a new round again the whole category of great investment, this year is expected to reach 5 million SKU, 5 billion GMV clinch a deal amount (year).

products – Su Ningyi purchase “super DianQiHua” category layout is now covering from mother to child, beauty makeup, department stores, daily, such as books, local life, the second half of the new platform will open again abundant Su Ningyi purchase category structure and existing product quantity, while keeping the 3 c electrical home appliances category, on the basis of lead will dig them one by one category, according to the market demand one by one, a powerful marketing campaign and promotion efforts, and strive for the new extension category all access to the top ranks before electricity. In addition, li bin said later don’t rule out the possibility of vertical electric business mergers and acquisitions to start again.

best experience – Su Ningyi purchase has launched the comprehensive customer experience during the first half of optimizing adjustment, finished in the second half of a variety of integration and development of service products will be to meet with customers. Li bin, said the online through have created favorable conditions for suning services resource integration, in the stores all over the country system and logistics and after-sales service network, Su Ningyi purchase will be on time delivery and stores send real-time, personalized logistics products, such as the simple return dimensions introduce more better than the industry standard of service, electronic invoice, will begin on August comprehensive pilot, Su Ningyi purchase and hope to comprehensively improve the customer experience, and rewrite electricity service standards.

– grab share electricity firms have entered the war out, who is able to survive, it is important to market share, therefore, did to users, grab traffic, sales will be in the second half of a few big strategy is inseparable from the task. It is reported, su ning will be in August the fourth anniversary of the celebrate their launch large presses. Su Ningyi purchase also strengthen urban communities and villages and towns to push online popularity, developing more e-commerce powerhouse.