Technology ten bosses said that one of the most stupid

the development of science and technology changes with each passing day, let a person elusive, any prediction seems futile. Tech blog Business Insider has summed up the technology industry ten the most outrageous to predict the smartest person ever made, fully proved this point.

the following is the original:

science and technology is a elusive beast, sometimes seems to go to the east, the last is to the west. Trying to predict its development route to later generations would feel you like a fool, even the smartest person technology have had very ridiculous. Of course, who will be wise after the event.

the following for these ten most stupid leaming:


1. The former chairman of IBM, Thomas Watson (Thomas Watson), 1943,

“I think the global market may need five computers.”


2. Microsoft CEO Steve? Steve Ballmer, Ballmer (), when the first generation of iPhone

“$500? All subsidies? Or contract machine? I think this is the world’s most expensive mobile phones. It has no physical keyboard, email is not convenient, not attracted corporate users.”


3. Bill? Gates (Bill Gates), in 2004 the world economy BBS

“two years later, the problem of spam will be solved.”


4. The royal society of proud? Kelvin (Lord Kelvin), 1895,

“heavy air flying machines are impossible.”


5. Digital equipment corporation (DEC) CEO Ken? Olsen (Ken Olson, 1977

“no reason why everyone wants to put a computer at home.”


6. The Silicon Snake Oil, “the author Cleveland? Stoll (Clifford is)

“we will soon be directly on the Internet to buy books and newspapers. Certain.”


7. FCC commissioners, T? Craven (t. Craven), 1961,

“communication satellite is almost no chance to use in the United States to provide better service telephone, telegraph, television or radio.”


8. Youtube co-founder Steve Chen (Steven Chen)

“just didn’t how much I want to watch the video.”


9. 20th century fox, co-founder of daryl? Mr. Nuuk (Daryl Zanuck)

“the first six months later, the TV will not be able to maintain its market. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.”


10. Steve? Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), 2003 rolling stone interview

“buy music subscription model go bankrupt. I feel that if you are selling the revenge twins with a subscription model (Second “Coming), it may not be successful.”

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