Taobao next decade: entering 10 trillion era


2013, taobao “years” of the young.

10 years began in online taobao ecosystem, it changes to our lives, in every moment.

– it also can let the girl in the west of the town shopping out of Paris fashion week rocks;

– it also makes extended 22.83 million people sleep in the middle of the night, because want to squeeze more time to shopping;

— and, of course, it also let people “love-hate relationship”, 1.08 million people chanted “chop hand” taobao again, have a point of view it is called the power of domestic demand.

at the same time, the consumption of history, everyone also together constitute the whole train of thought of economic development.

, taobao has established business ecosystem become the leading force of economic change. Economists see on taobao: business logic can be reversed, from the consumer to business (C2B) is a new popular; E-commerce has been carrying tens of millions of people in the industry of job opportunities.

in the past year, taobao is electric business platform to create the turnover of more than one trillion yuan. National total retail sales of social consumer goods in 2011 at 18.39 trillion, one trillion, equivalent to 5.4% of the total.

in taobao, 10 years of the day, Mr. Ma stepped down alibaba group chief executive, go all out to do a good job of full-time group chairman of the board, the board is mainly responsible for ali’s strategic decision, assist CEO to finish the organization culture and talents training, etc. Daily management to CEO Mr. Lu and others, to the group on the commercial ecological construction in a forward to create more miracles.

business, change taobao decade transmutation

in 2003, taobao was born. This year, the SARS to the shadow of the ongoing, for enterprise and society, this is the most difficult time. But then the macroeconomic data confirm that this year rather than be the year the Chinese economy is facing severe pressure, on the contrary, this is a new round of economic boom years in China. Taobao’s birth, in the case of ebay heyday, did not cause much attention.

in 2005, according to the national bureau of statistics, China’s consumption growth rate for 16 months in a row growth rate of more than 12% (data) by the end of the year August. It means that Chinese consumption exist independence from and out of the investment cycle up the stability of the growth cycle, consumption in the driving force of economic growth will increase gradually. This year, taobao beyond eBay, and start the rivals far behind.

2007, taobao is no longer a simple auction site, but the biggest network retail business circle in Asia. That year, taobao annual turnover reached 40 billion, more than $400 this is not a C2C, nor the B2C, but consists of a variety of retail formats created together. As Beijing’s most famous business circle, wangfujing, it is by the department stores, specialty stores, grocery store, even including the booth of a variety of retail formats. This, determines the taobao have competitors are difficult to match the pace of development.

in 2008, the Chinese economy is in should mixed, the success of the Beijing Olympic Games greatly enhanced people’s self-confidence and the image of China, at the end of the outbreak of the financial crisis to export-oriented economy, such as by frost. This year, taobao is still growing rapidly, the annual turnover of 99.8 billion yuan, the official launch of “big taobao strategy” at the same time, to create the world’s largest e-commerce ecological system. This year, taobao mall also is declared.

in 2011, the international background of the economic crisis continues, especially the euro crisis, domestic inflation is serious, the government special highlights the theme of the industrial structure adjustment, namely the consumption in a more prominent position. This year, taobao three, split into taobao, Tmall, a tao, three companies in the field of online retail layout is more clear.

in 2012, China’s GDP grew by 7.8% year on year, less than 8% for the first time in eight years. For accustomed to the rapid growth of Chinese economy, “steady growth, transfer mode, adjust structure” is both the goal, is also a challenge. This year’s “double”, taobao and day cat hit a record daily turnover of 19.1 billion yuan, on November 30, taobao and day cat in deals announced a breakthrough 1 trillion yuan, the two events on the society as a whole to have a profound influence on the understanding of the electronic commerce. Metamorphosis after ten years, taobao has pulse, casting with the Chinese economy, become a important economic driving force.

changing consumption patterns Taobao is life

cut his hand, the original sounds like some kind of torture, but in this era as “kiss” was in 1.08 million people, in the past year, taobao is referred to as “chop hand”, an average of 160000 yuan a year to buy things.

the cyber love, not just because shopping desire. Rich, convenient and can guarantee, is the root cause of the e-commerce is popular in China, and chop the hand also is only a small part of taobao buyers. Most people love selective or chase discounts, will look at taobao has become a daily habits and customs, the data also showed that there were 5 million buyers have no matter son also want to ramble on taobao every day.

a decade ago, shopping is just before 9 o ‘clock at night, in this world there is a happened close call every day. And ten years later, in taobao shopping between 23 PM to 5 am taobao shopping, has become a daily life of at least 22.83 million people. Independent shopping online store 24 hours, don’t need to close the original advantages, is changing people’s shopping time.

it changed people’s shopping in taobao. In the face of taobao, in small towns in western girls and stylish Shanghai girl equal opportunity. They share the hundreds of millions of goods shelves, and updates, sharing “kiss”. Small city buyers shopping radius, the original is just a few miles from home town mall, or go away, more than 1 hour by car, came to the big cities crowded shopping mall. And now, the star of the same funds and distant milan’s popular new clothes, little mouse, and since there will be delivered to.

there is food. An interesting example of this is, as the last may hit the tip of the tongue of China, there are 22.68 million people in taobao bought food, which is more 8.26 million is at eight o ‘clock in the evening and the morning 1 point to buy food, they fell in love with the sichuan beef jerky and xinjiang raisins, with fine documentary lens, easy to enjoy the food of China.

in addition, who also didn’t think of, the annual Spring Festival gala has become the taobao player’s routine. In 2010, an incoming Adrienne pink coat become the first product to have a certificate for “gala” with the model. 2013 Spring Festival gala, after 2 days the user can search on taobao 700 pieces of products labeled “gala”, and a popular “wanting gala with” dress up to more than 300 sales during the Spring Festival.

this speed continuously create amazing case, that let consumers form habits, there is a hot issues and at taobao search goods, and then wait for the custom to your door. In taobao, China’s powerful entities supply chain system and based on the information flow, produced by the Internet creates a new shopping speed and shopping experience.

over the next decade Enter 10 trillion age

in the next decade, taobao will enter the age of 10 trillion. After 2012, taobao is crossed the one trillion mark.

taobao, is expected to enter the age of 10 trillion, China will have 1000 born in accordance with the network of small businesses, have 10 million delivery person, 10 million online customer service, service 1 billion consumers. But after 10 trillion, taobao thinks the Internet will become retail standard elements, no electricity this specific concept.

retail turnover reached 10 trillion yuan, means that clean out treasure from a single market development, extends to the construction of the whole electric business ecosystem. Taobao seems to be doing a social experiment, give entrepreneurs the opportunity, make taobao maintain ecosystem vitality, maintaining fairness and justice, still can create a new rise.

taobao was set in early last year, from next year will no longer be the inspection volume index, to support for the larger group small and beautiful the seller, and put forward the “double hundred million plan”, namely in three years for the 100 annual turnover of more than 1 million yuan of the seller. At present, big taobao sell more than 600 home, achieve this result but is 8 m.

in perfect ecological system, the logistics construction is accelerated. Ali group had earlier announced that has been finalised and related logistics enterprises, capital and other financial institutions jointly build “Chinese intelligent logistics network. The first phase investment of 100 billion yuan, 8-10 years later, the network will be able to support the annual 10 trillion retail sales network, and achieve 24 hours service all over the country. Credit, payment, delivery of electrical business development has been called the three mountain, in the past nine years, big taobao credit system can solve the problem of good faith, pay by alipay has solved the problem.

on the business architecture, ali group also do enough preparation, announced earlier this year 25 division, the existing ecological system more marketization, platform, digital and species diversity, finally realizes “the same ecological, thousands of companies” good social business ecosystem.

the next 10 years, taobao is ready!