Taobao again sharp response to tax: three words seem to have hit the key word

after taobao yesterday after tax proposal sharp response to suning zhang in the near east, backgammon represent thrown evasion 35 billion that clean out treasure, China electric evasion 100 billion speech, taobao’s official sharp response again.

taobao officer sent three brief words, but hit the key word. Let’s look at the response of the taobao:

taobao want to express?

1, on behalf of a mouth is tens of billions, the science? In line with the representative identity? Exact hinted on behalf of the bill is too casual.
2, when it comes to a backgammon, everyone will think that is the guangdong electronic enterprise, originally also has a business call a backgammon, super boss say such a thing, motivation can be the solution.
3, e-commerce can cause retail back? Why say so, suning tesco to do? Taobao this is referring to suning play their own face. View an ERP words let the personage inside course of study, this is implied Su Ningyi taobao purchase multiple paralysis, and questioned the near east and suning genes don’t have the Internet.