Take a taxi software now symptom group purchase industry 90% next year or closure

a taxi sign of software and recreate a bulk glass! Entered the brutal competition in the industry of money resources spell dad stage. The personage inside course of study points out, taking a taxi software in the first half of next year will face a life and death choice, more than 90% of a taxi or software company will fail.

investigation: fast burn the northern expedition surprising

was entrenched in southern cities such as hangzhou, Shanghai taxi software fast, since more risk investment, we intensified the efforts on “a city village”. In mid-september, fast high-profile announced that it will cost 20 million yuan for Beijing market user feedback. The company founder wei-shing Chen said that this will be a quick diversionary measure words.

how fast money spent it like water?

hunting cloud network in 11 holidays visited Beijing area of drivers and user, learn fast some market strategy. Taking a taxi is essentially a software service hub, a head attached to passengers a attached to the driver. Take a taxi to do big software, more drivers to use and more passengers use is the positive cycle. Fast market strategy is a head scratching the driver a passenger. In view of the drivers and passengers, fast two different sets of incentive mechanism is designed.

, for the driver to install fast taxi software can obtain 10 yuan money reward, recommend a passenger in fast, the driver can obtain 5 yuan referral fees. The driver on each single can obtain the reward of 200 points quickly, and accumulated 2000 points can obtain 10 yuan fee awards. Driver into fast the more orders, and bonus. For passengers, for the first time in fast and successful called single during the month, reward passengers, 10 yuan money quickly. Passengers every time use quick finish is called single, quick rewards passengers, 600 points, to accumulate to 2000 points, quick rewards passengers, 10 yuan fee. The personage inside course of study says, fast “aid” is amazing.

“I am the moonlight reward from fast is close to two thousand, and now I basic no other software with taxi, who give more money with who.” A driver said.

“we all use, but now go to reward more, now our company driver will use the fast, also recommend passengers using, who don’t have the money to make things.” A wang driver said.

“there are calls for, and can get a taxi, 10 yuan fee for our young people is also good.” A young passenger said. Fast burning money strategy was effective for a taxi software “generous” act, drivers and passengers is generally believed that they take a taxi to the software does not exist the so-called loyalty, for material benefit is also the important condition.

it is important to note that hunting cloud network interview to a taxi driver generally installed multiple software, the driver said, is to focus on which software to more affordable.

a taxi line software company money? Also not line! Dad is also very important. In addition to the money, now a taxi software is entering spell dad spell the resources behind the stage. Any taxi software, some background power began to resource integration. Spring airlines is exclusive the cooperation with the hornets, passengers from hongqiao airport at present every single reduction 10 yuan, from pudong airport every single order reduction is 20 yuan. Fast back on alibaba, and pay treasure to get through.

90% in the first half of next year is a watershed or closure

fast such burning money very exaggerated? Compared to last year and the first half of this year a taxi software marketing force, fast burning money is not “too much”. Application before taking a taxi driver phone, reward color TV

high rewards. Time weekly reported:

“in the beginning, click no orders, as long as more than 6 hours online every day, every week can get money reward of 40 dollars. To have much faster. Bumblebee is to accumulate hung with 36 hours every week, there are 20 yuan money subsidies.” At present, the hornet driver side only support android, liu’s teacher use apple mobile phones. Nevertheless, he still in the other android phones loaded on bumblebee software, “mobile phone, I usually don’t have to, put in the home. Hanging there is wifi in the home, don’t spend money, these rewards also calculate a income.”

a few months later, click and change the reward way, asked the driver reward can be obtained only after receiving order. “Every single pick, the highest award of 100 yuan, 10 yuan minimum. Drivers can get the gift card or cash at di di guangzhou branch, also can choose to fill words fee, fast taxi directly to our bank account.” Liu’s teacher said.

in addition to the above incentives, grab the driver of the single number first get a reward every week a colour TV set. “Some people don’t do the normal business, became a grab single farmer.”

a taxi from the application of the changes in the amount of incentives and rewards, point of view, we can find a taxi application marketing efforts in slowly decrease. It can give three signals. 1, the market is more and more steady. The market was occupied by a few giant. 2, money is not a marketing method of long, no company can afford continuous mass burn. 3, between industry competition intensifies, frequent vicious competition, quick take a taxi, a taxi bumblebee, recruit car is jointly issued a statement, accusing a taxi series of unfair competition.

these very accord with group purchase industry group when war chaos.

“venture capital to promote competition, behind in the case of no profit model, the wave companies generally also can support to the first half of next year, when the time comes in Evergrande, industry mergers and acquisitions is the climax of collapse. And bulk, 90% dies, at most three left.” A don’t want to be named VC executive told hunting cloud network.

actually on the market already has quit, the original “doodle taxi” the team is determined to give up the market, to enter the domestic service industry.