Syria’s civil war, both sides are using micro letter? ! People also use near function to check the situation of the enemy? ! Splitting is basked in in the circle of friends? !

the latest publication of “southern people weekly” reported that the Syrian civil war, fighting both sides prefer to use WeChat contact, also use the function to check the situation of the enemy nearby, even bask in the circle of friends to each other. As follows:

“recently, the news from a Syrian civil war, both sides are like to use mobile phone software” WeChat “made in China (local called Wechat contact. Both sides often even in WeChat drying results in the circle of friend, each other or provocation. News also said that in the belligerents had used WeChat search nearby users positioning function. If found near the enemy more key defensive centres means that this is the enemy, take extra care when attacked.

from a technical point of view, the authenticity of the news there. Modern smartphones using location-based services technology, can through triangulation between the base station or phone’s own satellite positioning module data to the user. Many WeChat software services based on this technology.

in theory, can be found through WeChat all online users within 100-2000 m. If your uploaded photos, can also through the background than, more accurate positioning. If the enemy has control of the mobile Internet service providers are almost location data can be accurate to within 10 meters. So that the other party is more easily cluster destruction by fire or captured using this kind of service personnel. Obviously, as combatants in the field use micro letter this software, it is very unwise.”

we are unable to confirm the accuracy of the southern people weekly this news, after all, it did not provide any definite news source, also did not provide both sides friends drying results screenshot as evidence…

however, mobile Internet’s influence on human behavior that is more and more deeply, it is no doubt about it.