Swim with yellow a meng talk page cross-platform implementation strategy of mobile game


move game, a game company in 2012 is most discussed, to be exact web game company.
“The fairy,” brought too much success for the company, “gods,” the continuing popularity mobile version is again the “gaming” recruits into the spotlight as never before.

almost universally accepted is on page 2013 is all swim swim manufacturers began to manufacturers and end key year heavily layout mobile game, whether the transplantation of core products, new product research and development, acquisition of small and medium-sized team or proxy issue other CP product, the industry is very lively.

this page especially discussed more about swimming suit with mobile game, convinced that cross-platform may not only to solve technical problems, there are a lot of operational strategies;

iOS, Android, game operation and the way of the traditional page there are many different places, combined with the features of each intelligent OS itself, let the work become more complicated.

but everyone think this should be in the future the trend of the development of the game, and there have been many manufacturers try in this way, heart is one of them.

the following content according to the interview arrangement:

ZhuangMingHao: I saw “god” is the web version, the iPhone is the mode, the complete data edition of get through, the concrete is how to achieve or what is the purpose of this strategy?

a: meng huang data through means the players from the mobile phone, tablet or computer login “god”, can use the same role to play in the same server.

the so-called “three screen unity” strategy is mainly comes from the us with the above product demand “immortal,” mobile phone version of the players.

due to our before the web edition of the gods, and data between mobile version is not open, so a web page when a player want to play with your mobile phone must be to select a server, a new number. A lot of players don’t understand that, very hope we can set up with clothing.

but before “the fairy,” web page version of the time there is no special consideration to the mobile compatibility problems, and we in order to transfer to the phone and ensure performance, directly using the native Object C development, each of the two must have technical difficulty.

ZhuangMingHao: that we want to ready to the development of compatible mobile devices?

a meng huang: yes, “the god” web server directly with Unity 3 d engine development, mobile terminal, both in the iOS and Android is very convenient.

at the same time we are in the process of development, the design of various functions and operations of considering the mobile end features, such as screen space is limited, inconvenient operation, etc.

we try to maximize the chance that each platform game operation and interface not make too much difference.
Today this point actually swim a lot of pure pp products are not suitable for mobile phone version of similarity is very high, the final result of simple transplantation may be do not please painfully.

do you tour the version of the hand is not to do, and most of the time “strong twisting of the melon is not necessarily will be sweet”.

ZhuangMingHao: use the benefits of Unity 3 d may be obvious, especially for mobile products. But for a page to swim as the core, the mobile game do supplement products there are some defects?

a meng huang: the biggest problem is the Unity of the plug-in, I think it should be a consensus within the industry;

for the user the most obvious feature of the web game is not the thing, but because we use is Unity, users must download a plugin.

although this plugin is only 1 m, but for users of web game is a very large threshold.

as we in the industry a lot of people used to say: “small micro end is end!” .

so is this point today with the Unity of developing the tourism of page company is not much, because the page move manufacturer or page and train of thought, and mobile game with Unity that is natural thing, the web version didn’t want to do.

of course, there are counter-examples, chengdu digital sky’s best-selling iOS game legend of “the power of the dragon will be back from tour market hand tapping page to swim, also is a good thing…

(add, 360 browser built directly into the Unity of the plugin.)

we have also considered in the process of development of web pages with Flash, mobile terminal with Adobe Air, but found that the Air in the mobile terminal can not meet our demand for 3 d picture, then give up, choose the Unity is a compromise.

ZhuangMingHao: version control how are we going to do? This web backend server are you, you said update to update, but apple’s audit you can not control; Mobile client will sync and web page appears version?

a meng huang: this should be all currently doing swimming – hand swim with clothing manufacturers are facing the problem;

will certainly have not synchronized, but we will lift the version of the sync; Normally we web version of the update frequency is 1 to 2 times on Monday, and in the update this version at the same time, we will directly under a version submitted to apple audit, from just launched this more than a month of several is updated at the same time.
But it can also have a question, our previous one version is out of a serious BUG, the first day of the web version update in the afternoon, we were an emergency repair, but can’t do the mobile end, we have to wait for the next review together.

ZhuangMingHao: ask a sensitive topic, pay? As far as I know apple like and IAP in other channels can purchase of virtual goods is relatively sensitive, before the game everyone has this reason a lot of products from the shelves of legend.

a: meng huang apple did in its developer agreement is a similar description of the problem, but not defined very clear, we are not particularly understand every game situation at that time. But our current operations, there are a few steps:

1, only our own website to open the server, and mobile phone is communication, multimodal transport is not, and the basic discount of prepaid phone activities do not official channels; The reason for this is that all payment, discount, is our own control.

2, web and mobile terminal same price, which is 1 yuan=10 gold (in-game virtual currency), mobile phone is 6 yuan=60 gold COINS.

3, version of the mobile phone is not demonstrated also can not take the initiative to inform the player within the web top-up, is we don’t guide the players need not apple IAP payment and payment by our own web page.

apple sensitive over there may be a sensitive “with different valence”, not just price, there is a similar rebates such activities;

apple will think other users spent less money but enjoy the same service, so to him it is within the ecological system the user is not equal.
ZhuangMingHao: I see. Then we swim from a page as the core product development mobile game version, the old pure pp swim high in proportion to the user with a mobile phone to play? But pure of mobile phone users turn back to page and the proportion of the play? These two kinds of user’s active, Arpu difference big?
Huang meng: look, from our current data before had dozens of old set of active users on the WEB server has about 10% have started using the mobile version.

the proportion is not particularly high, but as we expected, the user’s psychology is think mobile is added, are fragments of time and is not convenient to open the computer when added.

and pure cell phone users playing players will return to this web page has a 20-30%, after all the operation of the web experience and pictures feel better;
And we currently only send the iOS official channels, this batch of the user’s quality is very good, the average Arpu to 30-40% higher than the WEB, some server even 50% higher.

ZhuangMingHao: so we pay more attention to the mobile game market is? Will consider the thorough transformation of the company?

a: meng huang is to attach importance to the mobile phone market, but we think is the advantage of the first move in a page on the market, although the market growth has slowed, but industry plate is very big, we can’t give up.

I believe that at this point do swim page size bigger of the two companies have similar ideas: “mobile phones will be the future, but the page is also worth to continue efforts to do”.

phone end at the same time, especially the iOS that the benefit is channel cost is relatively low, oneself can do 30% for apple, and page CP may only be able to get up to 30%.

this truth who all understand, but this year is not quite the same as the income level of mobile phone is very high. Our “fairy way” as an example, the mobile version running water is close to a web page.

ZhuangMingHao: so soon?

a: meng huang is so fast. But the question now is on your mobile phone users get harder, can use all sorts of promotion means we are using on iOS, but the effect is not particularly good.

the Android now has several big strong channel, divided into is 5:5 4:6, and even swim more and more like and page.

this several channels, such as 360, UC, when music may are still has its own traffic at this time point, and don’t have that page like swimming a lot of purchasing external flow.

but will soon start to appear each buy external traffic situation, and then this part of the cost of the final will fall on the CP.

ZhuangMingHao: so the way we do Android and iOS some different?

a: meng huang must be different, but the Android transport a lot of things we still trying to, including the gods way; We can only say that has not yet found a more “comfortable”.

ZhuangMingHao: last question, I can understand so: “from your point of view, in fact, many pages do hand swim swim company transformation, is be compelled helpless?”

a meng huang: this is what you say, I didn’t say that, hehe…