Sweep out “” don’t really need to sweep out a BAT war?

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the genes inherited tencent’s platform, WeChat sits on the rocket, the user scale soon broke through 400 million, the outside world for WeChat makes more rapidly, were greatly to the emperor, seem to kill giants like baidu, ali, is also a few minutes.

“scan” became a BAT powder keg?

the mobile Internet is limited by mobile phone screen and the bottleneck of information interaction technology, information collection and identification, the input, such as bar code, the qr code, the information is necessarily required such as scanning identification and forbid the search, electricity, social three entrance BAT after natural unwilling people, so all aimed at the feature, then there are all kinds of you, wipe gun off accidentally. Products, baidu, micro letter conveniently, micro letter to do, baidu upgrade to strengthen, ali, you do I work away. PR on real to you, you sing I sing well, you said I copied, I say you, you said product is not mature and unreliable, I said you rush on the in the mind empty, all kinds of sound, very lively! Sweep out “” don’t really need to sweep out a BAT war?

micro letter electricity was not

despite the barcode price comparison function, behind the dispute, is the industry of micro letter platform value of excessive “fantasizing” and magnified. Say so, of course, there may be many people scoffed at, and holding a large set of reason to refute. Then we will to analyze.

according to the evaluation of the outside world, WeChat 5.0 exposes “scan” function to load the barcode scanning, think this is the electricity WeChat rite, the past WeChat circle of friends, one-on-one chats, the public, such as more focus on the social level, the public, and push it two years crazy “life” and electronic card, for merchants to WeChat labeled as the O2O, the electricity business. So that the function of the 5.0 exposure, was seen as electricity WeChat grafting, even become a mainstream mobile electricity the entrance to the key actions, the window of the imaginary space extending, WeChat once mature, this will form a closed loop and is likely to overturn the existing pattern of electricity.

but the truth? Crazy advance micro life a year ago and O2O mode, is now low tide, user experience and life merchants on the value of the cash, with more than 400 million users build a platform of life, now looks more like a dream, although the dream is beautiful, but the implementation and fall to the ground only hard WeChat itself has a profound experience. User habits is not formed, the businessman didn’t get that money in return. Similarly, micro letter to pay, trading links, form the electricity business and closed loop is not easy. Of course WeChat public platform as user management, customer service center, the behavior is the advantage of data mining, but that’s not the whole electricity.

two angles to argue, first, from the point of the global Internet, mobile Internet, WeChat lay particular stress on social function, accurate say that is a private social, user scale expansion of dilute some of the illicit close sex, but strong social trace is still obvious. “Social + electricity” is not a successful case, Facebook fail, fellow WeChat whatsapp, Line, such as not explored, WeChat electricity trade routes also is no royal road to learning. Second, even if the subsequent micro letter get through the payment link, merchants can make use of the public, powerful backend user management functions, to promote and deal, but with only a sweep out “” function is difficult to solve the bottlenecks, such as user with many merchants” the last kilometer “problem of the public platform, users are unlikely to establish connection with N stores in the public platform, and keep the transaction and interaction. Bar code, the qr code scanning, of course, can solve the difficulties in matching purchase demand and merchants, but comes from the demand side of the picture and information identification, goods and the precision of matching, this also appeared to be out of the WeChat social orientation and technical advantage, get into a blind zone.

so, WeChat to the electricity business model, and looks very beautiful, is actually into a desert, is also a short board, there are many link need to explore and verify.

baidu, ali’s electrical business logic

now that we have been in the imagination WeChat electric quotient space, have to mention the electricity, the big MAC, ali in PC, Tmall fair platform for taobao, has in the oligarchic monopoly, but in the mobile Internet, it seems, are still didn’t touch the doorway, completely migrated, not reality, but ali in sellers, traditional enterprise, product, business experience, platforms, such as ecological electricity chain on the accumulated resources and leadership, it is impossible to overcome. When the micro letter exposure after the action of electricity, most people prefer to form “micro letter is tencent copy ali electricity posterior a trump card”, such logic. Theory in such a mind, taobao is hasty launched micro tao, expectation on existing million sellers, done quickly to the switch of the mobile Internet, build a moat, and WeChat insulation.

so, look at the baidu, baidu client version 3.8 highlights the function of the “bar code comparison”, in the mobile terminal is baidu intensify electricity signal, it is then immediately someone jump out “baidu panic, stores in a hurry,” trying to sniper WeChat electric company, is to complete a joke, WeChat electricity business sure is hard to say, if only one keeps the bird all have no, also talk about a sniper? Baidu’s intentions in electricity devises a place that’s a fact, for many years and try all kinds of layout, as far as I know, the “bar code comparison” baidu last year set out to develop the product department, on the iOS client version are reflected, this time was singled out, one reason may be that baidu client MAU active users (month) have breakthrough billion mark, plus mobile search, maps, baidu baidu baidu’s hand had three user mobile card to play, this time out, rely on users to machine the past the idea of nature.

but in the eyes of the outside world, baidu on the mobile Internet, electricity product is not enough focus, some scattered, so it’s easy to be ignored. But in fact, baidu is more like an invisible killer, could make the big moves at any time. In micro PC online purchasing function, which is a platform based on search the electricity business tentacles extend, and the internal data show that the effect is very good, especially in the electricity business get the user high under the premise of many electric business platform to access to come in, and won the high returns and transformation.

have been talking about the tickets of the mobile Internet industry, as has the number one user scale product of baidu, will be formed in the field of mobile terminal, the electric business counter attack. There are two arguments can be made into this theory, on the one hand is right billion users, grafting electricity business, is the key to baidu, is a huashan road, have to rush. Before there has been no movement, reason is that the timing was not mature; , on the other hand, today’s electrical business pattern, PC baidu relies on a “buy” outstanding open platform, more outstanding diversion and conversion value; Advantages of mobile terminal, baidu will be more obvious, because of the small screen, commodity browsing is not convenient, so the matching demand a higher demand for goods and the user.

this is the future mobile power competition of a watershed. This regard, ali’s taobao, Tmall need more mobile traffic, so ali to pay big money to buy the stake in sina weibo, and baidu animosity, the ads on the search traffic cooperation, aim from outside ali ecological flow and user distribution platform, at the same time strengthening the voice in the field of electricity and control; Take a look at tencent micro letter, although Yi Xun is crazy chase, but accumulation in the field of electricity is very weak, micro letter is better than social, electricity and grafting can only touch stone across the river, how much more on goods and users demand match, tencent don’t have a killer on the experience and technology, only to be told the past is the user’s behavior and transaction management, have some advantages.

, by contrast, baidu’s electricity are most likely to be “mean”, search entrance natural user needs recognition, the advantage, but also on goods and users demand precise matching, this is an ace in baidu search more than ten years, the electricity in the future is more important to retrieve the pictures of goods, identification, matching, baidu’s face recognition, deep learning neural network, such as technology, can come in handy. In the mobile terminal, there are two trends decides success or failure, is a commodity and the matching between user and will decide competitiveness; The second is the user and traffic diversion. Advantages of these two aspects, baidu will be fully reflected.

finally want to say is, tencent WeChat is an innovative and successful social product, the future of commercial space is infinite, but through electric business value chain, it’s hard to kill opponents points minutes. The reasons from the outside a high enough praise, micro letter is now on the tuyere, like the weibo heyday when received treatment. But can actually how much flutter, depends on how the 400 million users, but the exploration is worth looking forward to, because all need to have a worldwide “social + electricity” model.