Survey: technology personnel age in the United States HP median age of 41 years old

Beijing time on July 6 morning news, the salary survey site PayScale survey of famous enterprise in the industry of science and technology, the industry’s median age is far lower than the U.S. average employees.

it is well known that science and technology is a young man’s game. However, when you really know how much staff when young, will still be surprised. In 32 companies participating in the survey, only 6 values more than 35 years old, in the home 8 to 30 years old or under the age of 30. Female proportion in the staff is generally less than 30%, and the proportion of the semiconductor industry such as even is far less than this figure.

although this result reflects the consensus of the society, but it is still a surprise: according to the bureau of labor statistics data, the on-the-job worker the median age of 42.3 years. PayScale’s research and technology companies, the median age of the largest is the HP, at 41 years old, the other five older companies respectively for IBM (38), oracle (38), nokia (36), dell (37) and SONY (36).

8 employees of the youngest companies respectively Epic (26), Facebook (28) and company (28), Google (29), AOL (30), blizzard entertainment (30), and Infosys (30), and the Monster (30). According to the bureau of labor statistics data, the only shoe store and restaurant employees median age below 30 years old.

median age means that the number of people above and below the age is equal, in the large-scale population statistics, the data is very representative. PayScale surveyed the many industries, the company boasts has covered 3% of the U.S. workforce, so give some valuable results. The survey involved 21700 employees.

not surprisingly, older employees of the enterprise itself founded time is longer, the reason is that some people will still be in a company for many years, but with the passage of time, such employees of enterprises will gradually increase. Cisco employees value in the age of 35, samsung and Microsoft are 34 years old. These workers tend to have more experience.

young enterprise staff working in the enterprise’s too little time, this is mainly due to their hiring spree in recent years. Facebook employees in the company’s time in the value of only 1.1 years, Intel, IBM, oracle and other companies are in six years.

there are some factors also play a role. PayScale’s chief economist, Kaldi bada luo (Katie Bardaro,) said: “around the new growth and innovation in the field of enterprise staff usually younger, did not keep pace with The Times company employees are usually older.”

bada says, one of the reasons is that job skills. “The baby boomer and people born in the sixties and seventies usually c # and SQL. While people born in the nineties to learn more about Python, social media and Hadoop.”

amazon’s staff appointment time value only 1 year, this is mainly to the high strength work rhythm. However, the survey does not include amazon warehouse center staff, where the skills required and personnel flow frequency differences