Survey found that the iPhone advertising influence is declining

recently, from a video advertising technology and the analysis of the company, according to a data apple product advertising a gradual decline in the social influence.

Unruly with information icon compared the Galaxy S4 and advertising on the iPhone 5.

, according to the data of the Galaxy S4 in platforms such as Facebook and Twitter on advertising, is to share the number of the iPhone 5 8 times.

in addition, the iPhone 5 advertising communication effect also seems to be far behind the pace of the iPhone 4 s. According to statistics, every 10 watched the iPhone 4 s advertising, there will be a share on the social platform. In contrast, the iPhone 5 Shared frequency is one over fifty-six.

the company has always been a product marketing and publicity expert, so the company’s findings make people surprised. I hope the upcoming iPhone 5 s with the iPhone 5 c can let apple continues to be the absolute focus of the public.