Survey found that south koreans prefer domestic mobile phone

south koreans prefer domestic mobile phone? !

authority mobile application analysis research firm Flurry, according to a recent report users in the use of smartphones, South Korea, more than 4 (41%) is the screen size between 5 to 7 inches (Phabet) “phone”. Worldwide, the tablet phone, by contrast, only 7% of the market share.

in addition, the Flurry of report also reveals more meaningful data, we may be able to “see” at present the development trend of smart:


in August this year, the global network of smart devices growth than the same period last year rose 80%, while in South Korea this data is only 17%. But in the last two years, South Korea’s intelligence keeps telling equipment packages. Analysts believe that this shows that the south Korean intelligence equipment market is becoming saturated, and render the prosperous situation;

samsung with a 60% market share, firmly occupied Korea local intelligent equipment market. LG, by contrast, the second, the share of 15%. Apple ranked third, 14%;

users use of intelligent equipment, South Korea is the main purpose of the game. However, iOS and Android users user is slightly different: removal of playing games, mainly using Android devices for social Android users, while apple iOS devices mainly used for other recreational activities.

PS: the intelligent device is mainly refers to the smartphone and tablet products.