Surface RT on sale, but I am not going to buy

(translation: million begging)

Recently Microsoft

Surface exposure, controversial, we found the famous American science and technology bloggers Rick Broida , an article about why Surface RT the price haven’t people buy. Original text is as follows:

the use of only a little bit and trivial, and without a keyboard, Microsoft’s tablet will always sell well.

last weekend, Microsoft will their Surface RT tablet for the price. version now sells 349 , version for 499 $. Sorry, still can’t sell.

Surface (

surface ) on the (sorry I hit the word …). That 10.6 inch price 349 knife tablets are worth saving, especially when you consider 9.7 “of a New generation of the 499 knife ( version), and even Google the Nexus 10 to 399 knife, but also just version of the time.

so from a value standpoint, Surface RT looks very good. Although, RT only available storage, feels like Microsoft made false propaganda, so, it is actually a “ “version, with entry-level the and the Nexus is the same.

in addition, the price does not include the keyboard. Microsoft’s every Surface RT advertising shows this tablet comes with a touch or a physical keyboard protection shell, then you can start working at once, but the truth is you can’t, it makes me very disappointed.

ah, you might say, the also does not have a keyboard, the Nexus 10 also does not have a keyboard, why the same “missing” gripping the Surface RT not to put? My answer is, because it is Windows tablet.

indeed, Microsoft will it bundled the Office Home & amp; Student 2013 RT, no matter how see is a big suite, package, but there is no keyboard is useless. Alas, touch the keyboard and keyboard set respectively for 119.99 and 129.99 $, so if you want to have a equipment suitable Surface or at least take 470 $.

let’s take a look at the next application situation: nothing. I mean, of course, you can find some common applications: impression notes, the kindle e-readers, Skydrive, and so on. But developers are turning away from the W in8 . Back to the 10 , CNET to Surface RT evaluation is pointed out that “ Windows store is a ghost town “- 9 months later is still this kind of feeling.

in fact, browsing Microsoft Surface official website: “ apps accurately appeared twice, but not to Windows store link. Just like the Microsoft didn’t third-party applications on this platform is seriously.

I’m sure that Microsoft hopes that prices will bring in sales soared, which in turn lead to more developers to develop more applications. But I doubt it. Of course doing will continue to exist, but I think Surface RT later. Indeed, if see in the next vacation price again there is nothing to be surprised, too. The question is: I give you more substantial price will make you want to buy a tablet like this?


Ps: this is not a Surface RT the price for the first time, before the Surface RT used in many areas in the global education market less than half price sale, see cloud hunting reported: