Surface 2 open after-sale, Surface RT renamed

shortly on Surface 2 after-sales, according to the Wall Street journal, Microsoft website Surface RT product name of “RT” has been removed. That is the first generation of Surface plate (Surface RT) now is the name of the Surface.

so far, Microsoft officials have confirmed the “renamed” message. A spokesman, said in an interview is to get rid of RT, is in keeping with the second generation product Surface (Surface and Surface Pro 2 2) maintain good consistency on the name.

it is understood that Microsoft Surface product manager Jack Cowett previously admitted in an interview with Italian magazine, Surface RT tablet Microsoft launched last year, in the name really caused the market and consumer confusion. Analysts believe that the names of the second generation of Surface was removed RT, because want to consumer confusion caused previously. Xiao yun thought, however, given the Surface RT poor market performance, Microsoft has avoid causing the intention of consumers “stereotypes”.

it is important to note that more Windows RT 8.1 also on the startup desktop display adjustment, let the user directly after the launch into the traditional, no magnetic map “Start Screen” mode. Interestingly, Surface 2 and 2520 nokia released yesterday, the company adopted the boot mode.

Source: WSJ