Sure: ali’s $290 million investment in gold has a 28% stake in the first big shareholder



(Beijing time) 5 on 10 day, one of China’s leading digital map content and navigation and location service solution provider gold holdings co., LTD. ( Nasdaq: AMAP ) (hereinafter referred to as the “gold”) officially announced, alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as the “alibaba”) 2.94 $investment. Alibaba will hold gold about 28% of the company. Alibaba’s board, executive vice President Cai Chong sino alibaba wireless division President Eddie wu will act as company directors.

gold is currently one of the most successful map service providers in China. According to analysys international, according to the 2013 first 1 quarter, Scott occupy China mobile map the client market 29.8% share, at first. 2013 , 1 month, Scott map has breakthrough 1 million mark. At present, the business covers three areas gold : Internet and mobile Internet, navigation, government and enterprise applications. In each of these areas, Gao Dejun is in the lead.

under the rapid development of mobile Internet trends, map applications and services has become a standard of people in the mobile lifestyle. In the past few years, as a leader in the field, Gao Dezao can foresee the development trend of mobile Internet, and in the 2010 years proposed to mobile location services portal life transition, make gold map based ecosystems, and the map service platform and entry into a mobile life.

alibaba group also has been committed to building a platform of social business ecosystem. The last two years, alibaba is based on the mobile Internet ecosystem construction is accelerating. Gold companies in the engines and map the advantage of industry chain will help alibaba in local life service and O2O in the field of development and long-term layout, and to provide users with more abundant application scenarios and space.

gold company from wu said: “the strategic cooperation to show in the mobile Internet era, the importance of the map as a mobile life service entrance and platforms. Cooperation with alibaba, will help Scott construction based on the navigation map data, as the core and associated with living service information highly integration of large data service system, established a huge amounts of base map and life service database, better improve gold map as a mobile life service entrance and the application of operational level , improve the user experience. In addition , by providing users with “integration”, service life and service for the life to provide information, search, e-commerce services such as data mining, payments, Scott will create a new location service revenue model.”

alibaba group also said that alibaba stake in gold, the strategic cooperation will be from the position of the mobile Internet services and service infrastructure built into the depth of life. And on this basis, the data construction, map engine, product development, cloud computing, and commercial popularization etc, as well as broad and deep cooperation on multiple levels , for the user to provide more service and choice.

alibaba group chairman jack ma said : “we know that the mobile Internet is going to create a more exciting lifestyle. We are willing to like gold partner together, by the wisdom and efforts of everyone, better use of the product, make people more convenient more fun and more beautiful life. We are full of interest and enthusiasm.”

about gold

gold is China’s leading digital map, navigation and location service solution provider. The company 2002 years, 2010 in the nasdaq global market high-quality goods ( Nasdaq: AMAP ). Scott has national class a surveying and mapping navigation electronic map and “double a” qualification of grade a aerial photography, the quality of electronic map database as the core competitiveness of the firm.

gould’s business covers three areas : Internet and mobile Internet, navigation, government and enterprise applications.

in the field of mobile Internet, “Scott map” and “gold navigation” two mobile client application universal coverage iOS , Android , Windows Phone the three mainstream operating system. “Scott map” application has more than one hundred million users, and for apple iOS6 the system to provide the mapping services in China. Scott map cooperate with sina weibo, to develop social platform “map”, leading the map into SoLoMo time. “Scott navigation is apple’s app store” in the first paragraph, English navigation software, for three consecutive years topped apple’s app store pay top navigation application class. Android version used in samsung, MOTOROLA, lenovo, huawei, zte and other domestic and foreign famous mobile phone brands in pre-installed. Windows Phone 8 version gold navigation, as one of the first official Microsoft “ need the key application “landed Microsoft app store.

in the field of vehicle navigation, Scott for audi, Volkswagen, BMW, mercedes-benz, gm and other international well-known automobile manufacturers to provide quality of map data, car navigation software and networking services. In the field of government and enterprise applications, Scott “3 d digital city” model of development and geographical information system to help the government to improve the management and the execution efficiency of the city. In addition, gold for the industry and enterprise users in vehicle monitoring, asset management and logistics to provide location based service solutions.

Scott adhering to the “open, inclusive, cooperation and innovation” enterprise culture, to “know your, search, you need to move the life is in our hands,” as the enterprise mission, efforts to create a perfect experience for users of mobile location services portal life.