Suppliers in the eyes of jingdong: rape and compromise

the author: Hao Zhiwei

in their eyes, jingdong big platform is a worthy investment, but, now, more and more not funny.



jingdong “metal” enough to refrain from “Tmall”? Allegedly, jingdong eldest brother liu is the letter, specifically for the master plan, but in the eyes of electricity sellers, jingdong is another.

if you treat poking fun at jingdong as familiar with each other, what would you think? A few days ago to go to a traditional enterprise transformation electricity party, did not dare expose journalist, and a group of electric businessmen to talk about their views on electric business platform, the odd thing is that everyone is beginning with jingdong, poking fun at the so-called POP business platform, in the east to the ali day cat, seems to be more easy to cause the resonance of the inner circle.

the first and I talk to is A medium-sized home textile enterprise’s electric merchants A, sales of less than 20 million yuan A year, the merchants of jingdong POP platform, water almost 1 months more than ten thousand yuan, equivalent to 1/10 of its Tmall shop. “Even so, we also have to do. After all, there are still a large flow of the platform.” A said, just this year on the platform of all kinds of high cost, similar day cat “pit”) has good position display advertising (web page), in A view, jingdong POP everything in the sky of the cat, but look from the traffic, but there was no greater leap, as A medium-sized businesses, in jingdong, just “alive”.

but jingdong does cause some of the recent such dissatisfaction of medium-sized businesses, A month ago, jingdong, home textile favourable activity, the flow of all those assigned to jingdong proprietary “marketing” (supplier of jingdong order due to checkout) brand, like luo lai, fu Anna got sufficient flow tilt, but so go the route of “small but beautiful” brand can only endure “rape” — “A lot of big brands of map advertising directly to our page” A said, even with consumers in their own pages, also will be so eye-catching advertising strove to big brands there!

if there is A, jingdong and attractive that can make his compromise, is jingdong knot is very timely, no online rumors, often to take A variety of reasons for procrastination for several months, more than 20 days can get the knot, “perhaps, our amount is too small, the somebody else is not so important.” A more envy those who can in the purchase and marketing of jingdong do big brands. But big brand really well? Far from it, a in the purchase and marketing of jingdong do brands B explained his suffering.

B is from zhejiang, the parent company is industry and trade integration, established companies, doing clothing OEM for European and American brands, from spinning, weaving to ODM, a dragon, two years ago began to have electricity, gradually to touch a result, its own brand also has some foundation. Late last year, trying to jingdong procurement, launched a number of winter clothing, unexpectedly sold “hot style”, become jingdong category in the championship. A batch of goods in addition to return some defective product, sell the rest.

it is a happy thing, but it didn’t take long, jingdong business manager will call B, required to do in a horse this winter, and if ready for the last three times, in order to ensure the jingdong’s cargo commitment.

at this point is close to the Spring Festival, want to go to the spring right away, if the goods according to the requirements of jingdong, no doubt greatly increase the risk of their own inventory, accidentally, the upfront profits becomes next to “stock up” of discount price, therefore, B had to immediately fly to Beijing to “public relations”, “impending nuptials with jingdong joint for several days, in the end, the joint talent, reduce the amount of stock to 1.5 times that of the first” no point skills, also make uncertain, understand business.” B said, the joint is the “nice”! Now he just pray in other electric business platform to make roll head, don’t have to rely on a jingdong.

it seems jingdong shop, the natural problems, also pay attention to ecological platform, this point, there is still a long way to go for jingdong.

in addition, advising if there are friends of jingdong accounts must be cautious, the younger brother press circles a few colleague’s account is stolen, the deposit had disappeared, some even have to buy a lottery ticket, even the points have been converted into the phone prepaid phone CARDS, and jingdong’s advice is “alarm”. Alarm results, everyone know, so don’t put money in the account, after all, relatively, the bank system more security.

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