Supplier but fun to the reporter: jingdong threat must give dangdang rise in price

the book price war and innocent, the book supplier is helpless to the reporter, said jingdong threat supplier for jingdong price, otherwise the jingdong will give punishment to knot is not in accordance with the contract.

“a press friends find me fun, say 5 discount jingdong dangdang books very crazy yesterday, forcing press or dangdang, jingdong or price, otherwise we are not in accordance with the contract”. It’s a bit too? You don’t do don’t let other people do? You think? .” The weibo from tianfu morning post reporter Meng Mei. (@ fat cat Meng Mei)

supplier exposure jingdong procurement words is: these varieties today 5 fold back when, as in the activity, you have two ways for solving, first, make dangdang prices immediately. Immediately give jingdong to like dangdang shipping discount level. Otherwise, activities during the variety jingdong will directly 40 to supplier in accordance with the settlement. Would you please tell me the solution before 4 o ‘clock.

it is reported, dangdang, jingdong big price war in recent books.

jingdong procurement “domineering sliding sideways,” threat supplier do a choice is unambiguous. But oppression supplier move apparently seriously hurt the reputation of jingdong open platform, also harm the rights and interests of suppliers, contrary to the spirit of fair competition in the market.

in the near future, suppliers for jingdong complain sound is heard, see report “>