Suning promotion new gimmick: 300000 shareholders to coupons

on July 21, suning will have listed JiuZhou years, for this special day, Su Ningyi purchase and started to play up the new marketing, from this day to the country’s 300000 shareholders tesco experience voucher, called “witness” invited shareholders common experience change transformation “, but is not let you pay?

it is understood that the shareholders by mobile phone text messages, send the id number, name for “every 100 minus 10 yuan” experience, this is expected to send more than 300000 experience.

Su Ningyi purchase has stressed that this is a gratitude and interactive activities, not a dividend. Shareholders present experience coupons can enjoy “ninety percent discount”.

su ning in the first quarter of 2013, according to the results achieve revenue of 27.201 billion yuan, up 20.14% from a year earlier, the electronic commerce business implementation commodity main business income is 4.499 billion yuan (including tax), up 134% from a year earlier. Business difficult circumstances in the offline store management, online business has become the only bright spot.