Such clearance Surface RT let Microsoft lost $900 million

yesterday. Despite the $4.97 billion in income is enough to make investors made overflow, but Surface RT performance became a grain of mouse excrement, hu raises a whole pot of soup.

according to Microsoft Q4 earnings, according to the company because of Surface RT “inventory adjustment” and lost 900 million dollars. Once again this week Microsoft to Surface RT are on sale price action, 32 gb of Surface RT for 2488 yuan ($349), a decline reached 30%.

the industry analysis, Microsoft’s clearance, proved that the Surface RT poor sales in the market. The main reason is that Surface RT are running Windows RT system, around the ARM architecture, unable to run Windows applications of traditional computer, the application required in its quantity and quality.

in addition, foreign technology press The Verge, Microsoft Surface RT market performance too confident, so only in The fourth quarter of last year The company to produce 300-5 million Surface RT series tablet computer. IDC data show that in the first quarter of this year, Surface RT and Pro equipment in global sales of 900000 units, only market share is only 1.8%, in the Chinese market, sales of Surface RT in the fourth quarter of last year was only 30000 units, accounting for less than 1% of the sales of the whole tablet in China.