Su Ningyi FuBao fund sales payment and settlement permission

late on October 10, hunting cloud network Su Ningyun business announcement says its easy FuBao has approved by the securities regulatory commission on the fund sales payment and settlement. Combined with last year’s third party payment business license, the easy FuBao fund net has covered the Internet payment as well as the direct selling to provide payment and settlement business, etc., this also for easy FuBao balance of financial product online also paved the way.

fund business is an important aspect in the development of suning financial business, the company to form a professional team to pay around fund, fund sales business. At the same time, the company actively declare to the competent regulatory authorities to carry out the fund business license certificate.

as we have learned, suning has been in contact with a number of fund company, and the cooperation intention, recently will launch for the balance of individual consumer finance business, related products are internal testing phase. The aforementioned merchants and suppliers for su ning open platform enterprise fund financial products is also in research and development phase. Understands from suning internal, enterprise products also will soon be launched.

in another development, Su Ningyi purchase as a fund is reported to the electric business platform work also speed up the progress. Now ali in the aspect of the Internet financial layout already a long time, between the Internet giant to the financial market for the drama also began.