Su Ningyi for alleged false lottery winning rules lead to question

on July 30, jinan ms ma to hunt cloud network reflect, in his own Su Ningyi buy crazy big wheel in the raffle smoked in a Canon EOS5D MARK Ⅲ SLR cameras, because the system reason, the goods from the certificate has not entered into his account. Ms ma immediately after winning to Su Ningyi order for customer service, customer service promise to reply within two hours. And by the time, ms ma not received Su Ningyi purchase any reply. According to cloud network understanding, hunting the Su Ningyi purchase price of the camera is 23166 yuan.

, according to ms ma to provide the screenshot of the joined the Su Ningyi bought big wheel joy draw pointer finally refers really won the first prize in the Canon 5 d Ⅲ super yuan to buy, the pointer said she got the camera, but the pop-up dialog box for the blank page. Then, ms ma view their account, did not see the camera’s certificate. Ms ma to Su Ningyi order for customer service, customer service commitment survey within two hours after the phone contact ms ma, but ms ma did not receive any reply from Su Ningyi purchase. Ms ma, points out that only 5 d Ⅲ in smoke when the dialog box blank, prizes and value in the no smoking lower pop-up dialog when vouchers are normal. Hunting cloud network then login page to verify the lottery ms ma, there is really no any lottery dialog box blank.

activity page, according to the rules of winning need pointer and the pop-up dialog content consistent for winning, and ms ma in the pop-up dialog box blank is obviously caused by Su Ningyi shopping website system error. In addition to the interpretation of the system error, is often questionable 5 d Ⅲ prize is real, is just a gimmick to marketing. Customer service commitment of two hours reply but has not received, have to let people think is to avoid problems.

in addition to the 5 d Ⅲ voucher no individual account, ms ma also to Su Ningyi bought two challenges from the sweepstakes rules. In addition to the first prize, ms ma, a total of 120 yuan voucher smoke to buy camera, ms ma to the goods when the page is found that their area will not be allowed to buy the camera, that is to say, even if received vouchers ms ma cannot use. In addition, draw vouchers can only be used on the day, the same coupon cannot be used overlay. Sweepstakes 9 PM start, sweepstakes rules suggest tickets within 24 hours to the user account, if the user cannot in the same day 24 when complete payment vouchers are invalid. In fact under the rules of suning qualified, the user can actually pay little time. Various rules limit the user to be able to use real suning possibility given thousands of gift certificates is reduced greatly.

rigid rules limit problems encountered and evasive attitude, had to let a person to treat sweepstakes Su Ningyi purchase sincerity question.

, ‘says Ms. Ma from Su Ningyi buying your product, so will want to buy a camera to Su Ningyi bought view, disappointing the incident to ms ma Su Ningyi purchase, says it will not go to Su Ningyi purchase and buy goods.