Su Ningyi buy train ticket booking will be introduced

cloud network hunting on September 23, according to people familiar with the place, Su Ningyi purchase will launch train ticket booking in the near future. This is the online business flights, hotels, attractions tickets booking after act as purchasing agency business, Su Ningyi purchase again layout business online shopping market.

the people revealed that Su Ningyi buy tickets booking business has been preparing for more than half a year. After launch, a net friend just through Su Ningyi buy local life channel can be quick to buy all of domestic cities of high-speed train, train, three kinds of ordinary train tickets, which covers more than 6000 trains in China.

however, Su Ningyi buy train ticket to act as purchasing agency business is likely to be with other train ticket booking agent cooperation. After China railway corporation in charge of transportation once told the media that China railway corporation without authorization or entrust any other site to carry out the train tickets on sale or act as purchasing agency business. Currently, ctrip and where to go is adopted with external cooperation way to circumvent system limitation.

the industry analysis, said relative to run more mature vertical travel sites, Su Ningyi how effect for just coming into the business travel industry remains to be seen. But the online ticket booking business, or in order to improve the user viscosity, drainage for site other products sales.