Stupid action: apple and amazon finally to stop the senseless for the word “App Store”

between apple and amazon about the word “App Store” battle finally settled. , Reuters reported today in U.S. district court judge Phyllis Hamilton (Phyllis Hamilton) announced that rejected apple v. amazon the illegal use of “App Store” name.

in 2011, apple sued Amazon’s Kindle Fire “electricity bosses” App Store piggybacking on the word “App Store” (Amazon Appstore for Android). Apple’s reason is that the vocabulary first by yourself and use the “invention”, amazon’s actions violated their trademark rights. It is understood that the apple dropped to avoid a counterclaim for amazon.

apple spokeswoman Christine gucht hu (Kristin Huguet) in an interview with Reuters, said: “we felt that we have no need to go down in a fight and amazon, because (the apple Appstore) 900000 and 50 billion downloads, proved that the user has already know where to download or buy the most popular applications.”

it is understood that the Amazon is the full name of “App Store” Android market “Amazon” (Amazon Appstore For Android). The app store, mainly for the Kindle Fire tablet series equipment offers a variety of applications. As its main rival, apple first launched the app store, provide applications for its various products.

amazon said, “App Store” is a word is generic rather than trademark, they use the words do not belong to the infringement.

, is apple’s app store today released the day of the fifth anniversary (2008.7.10), and the amazon appstore, released on March 22, 2011.

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