Struggling PC giants: HP 2014 is expected to cut 30000 jobs

abstract: for reinvestment and plan to reduce the overall cost, HP the computer giant plans to cut 30000 jobs in the world.

the h-p spokeswoman on Thursday confirmed: as a company of cloud computing, mobile phone, save costs and data security and part of the investment strategy, HP cut thousands of jobs in Europe.

the HP said in a statement, the company has recently updated the restructuring plan of Europe, the Middle East and Africa “in order to solve the current market and the pressure of the business”.

the said in a statement: “HP plans to resign or transfer the 7095 employees in order to meet the company’s future development needs and consumer demand, due to the various national laws and regulations and with local works council and staff on behalf of the consultation result is different, each country of the planned layoffs is also different.

in a with the securities and exchange commission, HP said in late 2014, the total number of layoffs may be on the basis of the original HP estimated 29000 job cuts 15% of the float.

total HP expects redundancy or transfer the employees could be as many as 33350.

however, hewlett-packard declined to lay off employees and mobilize the proportion of employees, but said no more than 15%.

HP spokesperson

the phone told ZDNet, on October 9 securities division analysis meeting, plan did not change. In the meeting, HP CEO Meg Whitman to shift the portion of the company called “IT” in the new situation.

and according to the American government files, as part of its global workforce plan, HP has (in America) canceled about 22700 jobs. According to the data at the end of 2012, HP, there are more than 330000 employees worldwide.