Strong technical talent unbearable sogou input method play advertising, pulling the library into baidu input method

(editor: Zhang Man)

yesterday, application collect product director Xu Feng complained that sogou input method to force the pop-up ads, and cannot be cancelled. Because can’t stand this kind of situation, he through technical means more than 80000 sogou input method thesaurus seamless import into baidu input method. Xu Feng response problem is phone sogou input method recommended in wifi networking will forcibly pop-up hot word, later got sogou input method that the official admitted that officials say will improve the user experience as soon as possible.

which can give 2 point information.

1, sogou through lightweight application capture desktop market, at the same time, to face the commercialization of the severe situation. As input method does not have natural commercial space, only through talk pop-up ads, sogou search for drainage at the same time. Sogou pursuit of profit, the more urgent, this pop-up window frequency will be more and more high. Sogou how to grasp the balance between commercialization and product experience is a science.

Xu Feng badinage attracted many people’s resonance which means pop-up window has caused at least part of the user.

2, input baidu and Google input method, are born in the giant company, itself doesn’t set a profit target. Such a background will allow the team to spend on all product experience. Although sogou input method has market leading, but the input method of technical threshold is not high, baidu and Google are fully capable of implementation. In front of the user more picky, slowly eroded have “excessive” commercial sogou input method is not impossible.