Stranger stranger without smell with expression texture silently to make money

LINE in mobile IM charge expression on the harvest of has become the international peer reference model, domestic micro letter, devoted to devoted to industry such as the leading mobile IM an active exploration on charges of expression. And associate with giant background easily and competing for users choose to hit expression free card, but this does not affect the social relationship has been formed micro letters and devoted to stranger on the road to move on, especially devoted to be stranger is expression mapping business as one of the most important core business.

small map big business in China market is still in the incubation periods

since the LINE of Q2 earnings reports, user $200 million and $27.4 million map revenue performance for domestic market for mobile IM crazy for it, who are so humble small map in mobile IM market is such a big market value. But to the nuggets in the Chinese market, but not so easy.

the first thing to make clear, whether domestic users need expression texture, need what kind of expression, whether the user is willing to pay. Mobile IM applications are doing now, have a charge, there are also free, whole expression map is very popular, according to data expression map accounts for some 8% of the overall session news, but the domestic users to pay in expression will remains to be further cultivation.

entrenched domestic Internet free thinking, most users are not willing to pay for Internet service, in the PC Internet also good, many by means of advertising, the large space, but the mobile end screen limit to advertising can not be at the core of profit model. That need larger operating costs, especially for mobile IM applications, has a stable source of profit is critical to the sustainable development of economy and society.

the LINE on the expression map fruits of business income, but should be put in the domestic market, maybe the LINE can be abandoned. Expression map although have considerable market prospect, but the domestic market has entered a stage of white-hot competition without profits, WeChat, Momo initially tried to obtain benefits by expression texture, easy letter had trumpeted their free, going back and forth.

from the perspective of expression based on the expression of the LINE for more than the Japanese anime, but it doesn’t work in the country. First domestic animated cartoon image is not sharp, not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the second import Japanese anime character’s copyright negotiations too hard, and similar domestic mobile IM applications of famous cartoon characters between the copyright for the undercurrent, so each big mobile IM applications are now beginning to pay attention to the independent design conforms to the original expression of domestic network culture, but also competitive in this form.

making expression mapping process is complex, the first thing to orientate the expression, after sketching, coloring, after again according to the document, paint line art to confirm color, late again after packaging, closed and a series of steps, a set of expression to expression in the stores. So autonomous expression of design for the designer’s ability request is very high, compared with the expression map market gap, domestic designers is relatively scarce resources, in the fierce competitive market of mobile IM environment, designers struggle is intensified.

stranger gold mine of expression is devoted to the user group of texture is just a shovel

dating Momo main strangers, and expression map is very suitable for use in the case of you are not familiar with communication, can ease the embarrassment, dynamic atmosphere, have very strong alternative to text, so Momo attaches great importance on the expression map market exploration. As can be seen from the Momo user attributes, its users are more willing to pay. In terms of user education, Internet above accounted for 55.7%, the average education level high school devoted to stranger is 77.1%; In terms of age, the average age of the mobile Internet levels of 19 ~ 32 users accounted for 66%, devoted to stranger is 82%; Through data comparison can see stranger stranger users focus on 19 ~ 32, highly educated audience, such user consumption ability, paying willingness is more ideal.

many people may assume that Momo users more focused on the student body, actually otherwise, the author get the data of students accounted for 15.5%; The highest user base is business users, accounting for more than 25.8%; IT, manufacturing, finance, government accounts for users than is generally in 9% ~ 9%; Media, art, medicine, education is between 3% ~ 6%. Is there a feeling of bright blind? This is the result of the unexpected in reason, and have a direct relationship Momo product positioning. From the point of view of professional distribution, students Momo users are not prick silk, but has a very strong ability to pay of adults, more than 9% of that is government users, this is in the maintenance of the rhythm of the Momo order? Momo user base is a gold mine to be developed, expression map is just a shovel, games, such as O2O may become a basket or pick.

Momo do the thinking of expression of choose and buy is “brand authorization + original processing”, big authorization is with the domestic and foreign well-known cartoon characters to copyright owners to discuss cooperation, authorized after the familiar cartoon image of the user in accordance with domestic network culture to redesign the packaging again, this kind of famous cartoon characters users are very familiar with and love, can drive the user memory resonant, in turn, generate revenue, stranger on the safety of small balls, small new authorization expression sold tens of thousands of foreign countries, such as sets. Original processing is cooperation with the domestic famous illustrator or design process, this model can be more creative, the designer’s play space is larger, and more profitable. The two expressions map production mode has devoted to devoted to harvest more than 30 sets of expression, the sales situation is ideal.

devoted to devoted to have prick silk business game can also be diversity

combined with stranger devoted to groups of users characteristics can be further divergent thinking and expression map can also have more play, which prick silk business is must carry a point. 9158 have prick silk economics perfectly, its show model by prick silk user support dynamic atmosphere, induce local tyrants dream. Although devoted to devoted to patterns and 9158 have essential differences, but prick silk do active users, active users do pay way is interlinked.

integral expression. In simple terms is to establish perfect integral exchange system, let users active prick silk, through active access points, again through the integral expression of side. Prick silk on the user’s largest value lies in its contribution to the platform activity, integral expression ways users can effectively stimulate prick silk.

to friends. Is also a very good way for the development of expressions, and local tyrants will prick silk, female to male. Is the way to trigger the user’s face feelings, especially when local tyrants; male and female meets prick silk, off send expression allows local tyrants a sense of accomplishment.

expression implant. Corporate LOGO, mascot cartoon image made expression map into some stores, free to the user to use this part of the expression, and then you can be sure to use situation to the enterprise by means of consequent pay fees. This is a brand integration for enterprises, for the user to free expression, is also a good income for Momo attempt.

trial or customized maps. Map trial is a basic gameplay, many have been tried. And customized map has a high requirement on the design capacity and cost control, to greater revenues from the custom map can need to design a set of changeable combination of standardized production processes, such as providing some local unit expression, can let users according to the personal favorite free combination design, packaging after submit payment can use personalization expression texture, this direction try hard, but worth a try.

Momo on expression map can also do very much, for different gender, different degree, different careers, different ages users more meet the different needs of different users of the segment characteristic expression, user base has been out there, space to explore the market is very big.

as WeChat Momo plate, in the face of easy to believe it, and put forward the expression of free competition strategy is also very stressful, but don’t you worry, hold their own user is the right choice, after all of the different mobile IM applications have different relations, is the value of the expression Momo within their own social system, no need to rival on the free expression of quarrelling, bowed their heads and markets continue to dig deep to pay expression, let that those expressions free rivals envy. Apple and android is the best example, Grosvenor LTD handsome user is willing to pay for application, but also to see you is worth to let him pay.


stranger stranger has been quietly doing user active, looking for profit model, accidentally registered users to 70 million, profit model is found. Future devoted to stranger there are many optional road, longitudinal can do dating, lateral to do sing, duty has insisted on making friends, as long as hold existing users the potential wealth, devoted to devoted to have no way out. Expression map market exploration: no problem, the wealth is there, users pay for expression habit still need to develop slowly.

article/Wang Liyang

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