“Steve jobs” actor ashton kutcher: Twitter is becoming worse

social networking site Twitter has confirmed already filed with the U.S. securities and exchange commission (SEC), S – 1 file, this means that the Twitter on IPO (initial public offering) public, it will be the Facebook since most people look forward to another social network giant ipos, it certainly is an important moment for Twitter.

the Twitter valuation is expected to reach $15 billion to $20 billion, will not only bring Twitter investor returns, also may be renewed investors for consumer applications and network company investment enthusiasm, make the community growing company that rent a house, the cloud storage service Dropbox and taxi application Uber these popular company public agenda collective regain focus on capital market.

in this sensitive time, tencent, a special activity of science and technology, inviting “jobs” actor ashton kutcher and innovation works chairman lee tells the story to deal with Twitter and weibo.

about ashton kutcher, science and technology in the industry may be strange, however, familiar with ashton kutcher, who knows, he is the typical examples of Hollywood star investment in emerging enterprises, in addition to play in the movie “jobs” outside “jobs”, also invested in a series of Internet companies, including the Path, growing company, a unique, Fab, Foursquare, and Summly.

lee said many people in industry is very understanding, is a large network, there are 25 million audience in tencent weibo, has significant influence to the hot Internet incidents across the country. Kai-fu lee also often published foreign reports on Twitter. Ashton kutcher and lee have said in the communication, the early Twitter “cool”.

however, listed on the Twitter is expected, the personage inside course of study on as early as Twitter users and beneficiaries, ashton kutcher now are unhappy about the present situation of Twitter. Ashton kutcher to tecent science and technology, said Twitter once completely change my life; However, with the large companies into, make Twitter this platform is full of noise.

ashton kutcher also criticized Twitter – forward this kind of behavior seriously disrupt the Twitter, brings to the system a lot of “noise”, make something of real value are buried. Remarks, ashton kutcher is showing on the Twitter platform down. As the first beneficiaries of Twitter Twitter first fans of millions of users, ashton kutcher transformation are worth noting.

first fans who struggle with CNN 1 million celebrities

as the new generation of stars, ashton kutcher in social media have keen insight, good at using emerging platform to improve their popularity, to promote their brands and investment company. In 2009, ashton kutcher and CNN bet to see who fans must level, the first breakthrough eventually beat CNN, within 4 days into the Twitter platform’s first fans more than 1 million celebrities.

remember the experience, ashton kutcher in the communication with lee, according to the initial contact Twitter is like Twitter, think of Twitter users of product feedback in time, like a huge focus team at any time for own use, also learned a lot of knowledge from these feedback, it is the common media.

“we no longer need the media giant tell us narrow or contain bias of news and information, according to the types of media also slightly different, we can create your own news, have our own prejudices. I think it is wonderful.”

realized that Twitter fans after economic strength, ashton kutcher smart will be one of the world’s biggest news agency, CNN as the goal, and to declare war on its started with the news competition, who first reach 1 million fans.

“CNN has more than 80 fans at the time, I only have more than 50, I start behind more than 30, but I know how to operate the platform to make my fans grew faster than them. CNN said on twitter, we broadcast the news online Internet radio I do the same thing.” Ashton kutcher recalled, its strategic success finally.

ashton kutcher that could itself become the first fans more than millions of Twitter users, the reason is the key to single-handedly, challenge the entire network, for the outside world, the power to make themselves more than TV media has been the public trust.

ashton kutcher did not explain the other reason is that with the chairman of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, Jack Dorsey intimately. Celebrity to ashton kutcher and Twitter also achieve a win-win situation. In March 2011, ashton kutcher is a Twitter third-party client developers UberMedia launch its own exclusive Twitter client Amy polumbo lus.

this is similar to large domestic network, social media allow large fame and fortune. Such as by sina, tencent microblogging, kai-fu lee has great social influence, through the hot issues its own heat at the same time, also by innovation works product promotion to get contact to liquidate its investment. Internet bosses (weibo), zhou lei jun (weibo) is mainly through weibo to promote its products, save large amount of advertising.

now fade Twitter toward personal social network

however, when compared with CNN “against”, nowadays, ashton kutcher, are confused about Twitter and disappointment. Ashton kutcher to lee admitted that social network is easy to upset life, which makes oneself use Twitter is less and less, because he found himself is always very busy, not too busy to capture a moment, is to share the moment, there is no live in the moment.

although still alone Twitter account maintenance, ashton kutcher has significantly reduced the frequency of using Twitter, instead, the use of personal social network. Ashton kutcher, points out that compared with the wind, not receive, quietly considering these pieces of information, until can form the real view or understand, finally integrated into a larger concept.

“people don’t need to know where I am, how I, multimedia in the capture, stealing, now have enough to sell these for their profit. So I don’t need to broadcast every moment of I, when I think it is important things, I will post a message.”

maybe because this reason, ashton kutcher successively invested in the Path, nextdoor, picking the intimate or real social network neighborhood. Ashton kutcher is also used by picking the product, for himself and friends.

“no matter when I will receive information on the picking, I must see immediately. I know that is good news, don’t be afraid to read it. When you are in other platform after hearing a lot of “noise”, ‘oh, you look at it this is important.”

in fact, on Twitter, ashton kutcher kept high attention to the technology industry. Ashton kutcher to tecent science and technology, said the first wave of computing is completely response calculation, at any time in the search or input questions in advance to answer questions. 3, 4 years recently, real-time computing, real-time interactive became popular, which is on various platforms such as weibo, micro letter.

, ashton kutcher, believes that the next generation of technology extension will be active to strengthen operation concept, can use the double input and before using static input, and tell the user the weather today, calendar, traffic condition, the computer can be forward-looking sex puts forward some Suggestions, if the technology can do precise enough, will be very has the investment prospects.

meet the personage inside course of study, ashton kutcher mobile phone home screen first to see each other, especially in the front of the App, and will invest these as reference object, and is also used to download. As a Twitter “large”, ashton kutcher instead of Twitter lashed out at times, during the visit, also ask lee how to maintain your account.

kai-fu lee also share, according to a day can spend 2 hours on social media, digesting what happened outside, find the fun, release and forward domestic fun idea. Germination in bo, 70% is the social responsibility, 30% is the entertainment and learning, there should also make friends. In the past four years, friends have 60 in the list of the top one hundred are from social networks.

kai-fu lee also revealed that his habit to get up at five o ‘clock every day, take a quick look at what happened the night before, at the same time to arrange the day push microblog. Kai-fu lee even criticism, ashton kutcher, “cold” Twitter, “play” in the erosion of CNN. Even today, lee had a cancer, he still insist on every day use weibo, comments on hotspot.

however, similar to, ashton kutcher, reduce the Twitter use frequency, domestic celebrity enthusiasm for weibo is declining. On Twitter launched IPO of triggered heated debate on the foreign social media, the debate has not conductive to the domestic. The day besides lee in ease treatment of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, domestic technology bosses did not ignore listed on Twitter.

Twitter listed still encounter challenges rise of mobile applications

Twitter for seven years time, total to raise up to $1.16 billion in venture capital, the current number of monthly active users more than 200 million people. Market research firm eMarketer predicts that Twitter advertising revenue will be close to $2014 in 1 billion.

Twitter is also a good time: Internet IPO climate has a significant improvement. On Facebook IPO after a few months ago, most people think as Facebook shares, listed on Twitter hope the same in the sink. But in recent months, because of the mobile business revenue significantly improved, Facebook shares hit a record high.

in fact, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) recently in an interview also said that Twitter doesn’t fear to IPO.

Twitter has been in preparation for the IPO, so far has acquired several companies, and make some big decisions in order to improve the company’s revenue. Bill’s Twitter first investors (Bill Tai), said: “Twitter can listed now.”

not just Twitter, Twitter apprentice, sina weibo has also been favored, China Pacific Crest, an investment bank, points out that the alibaba may be out of strategic considerations to take larger shares in sina weibo, stimulate the sina’s stock has soared.

however, sina weibo is a huge challenge, with the rise of WeChat and relevant policy implications, microblog valuable content reduce continuously, causing sina weibo activity falling. Also, as a service, it is also faced with weakness, ashton kutcher is gradually away from these users, and Twitter far can it go in the future there is still a doubt.

recently, the sources said Twitter development below expectations. These people pointed out that Twitter in 2013 and the number of active users is lower than 4.5 million a month. If such growth, at the end of this year to reach 260 million in the number of active users. This also means that the active user base rose by only 30%, rather than the 100% previously expected.

there are Twitter employees reflect, many users just to try using Twitter, then no longer pay attention to. Perhaps, have their own a set of guidelines and vision of the Twitter constantly try to inform the new portal users, what is a “forward”, and the difference with the forward “edit”. Compared this may result in the Facebook is more like a small social service products.

Twitter biggest challenge is that new application, foreign media pointed out, sets and instant messaging services Snapchat services have emerged, as people keep in touch with friends and talk about important events of the main tools, such as sets, has recently argued that its monthly users up to 150 million people, the Twitter status now would be a serious challenge.