Starting point for founding team member’s letter shelling shanda literature CEO xiao-qiang hou three big sin

on March 14, hunting cloud network news

today qidian founding team members rory public shelling shanda literature CEO xiao-qiang hou, accused the latter indicates the harassment and intimidation staff for employees on their parents. According to rory to hunt cloud network, its starting point is responsible for the work of other derivative copyright, was last year.

this is rory letter:

the ancients cloud, even crime, sin but not as good as his parents, this is the morality of the ancients, and the morality of all civilized people. I confirmed this morning, but a message, one very angry, had to battle of information.

I the past of his old workmates, because to shanda literature, threatened by literature personnel for an individual, not just more grand aspects of the personnel to make a phone call to her home, threaten their parents, if they don’t back to the company to cancel leave, your son | daughter will go to prison. Many parents are forever never leave the small town of honest people. In the face of such threats, all at a loss, have asked the children, some parents even as the body is bad, almost to the hospital after being threatened.

here, I sent xiao-qiang hou, I sent condemned to shanda literature:

1, I condemn: xiao-qiang hou and shanda literature the harassment and intimidation for employees on their parents. Leave is just personal freedom of choice, neither the law nor prevent moral, do you and your men have what right and reason to intimidate employees and employees of their parents. The adverse consequences what do you have ability to bear?

2, I condemn: hou do you personally tweeting announced to the public and the media team, but why always drag, also call those old colleague of threatening me, good friends. Your declaration of public works exactly? Whether the decision of the board of directors of the so-called is your personal nonsense?

3, I condemn: hou do you always keep are professional ethics and moral chain set to my old colleague, good friends. But, as far as I know, the staff leaving the company has not been published anything about you, close to the starting point, that talk about shanda literature. They are very abide by their professional ethics of self-discipline, do not make any before departure does not comply with the ethical behavior. Instead, hou total, more than once in public belittle their efforts and work in the past, and the public with professional ethics to question their personality.

Thanks for your support. But can’t call the police, because they’ve done some telephone recording, no one can say, in addition to the narrative and my new think won’t lie to them, I have no evidence.
I remember 6 years of cloud in the sky, we’re just blocked his novels, finally still is his countercharge with 140000, while those 6 years of departure we didn’t take any drastic measures, play computer spat at most. Here I want to apologize to some people, because young, so to speak without scruple. Personal attacks what of, is not good.
08 second, we still did not take any drastic action, the dream into the man’s case is based on what he signed a contract in legal proceedings, all above board. But he still has to apologize to some people, ditto.

then add that there are some colleagues, shanda literature even in the absence and I communicated, directly make a phone call to the home.