Starting point after the team left: shanda literature listed may be a mirage

the industry recently run away team collective events starting point are very concerned about literature. After leaving the team to do? Large Numbers of people after the departure of shanda literature, the future destiny?

360 PM Ricky , hunting cloud network reproduced as follows:

once short mixing article, only talk about some personal opinions, want to see gossip can empty mountain dragon know (the starting point of the ancient god suddenly collective life, should soon there will be a large insider gossip appeared).

first, article circle is a very special circle, the reader to follow the footsteps of the great spirit here , you will understand, drunkards, red blood, such as fire, smoke male great god is gradually leave starting point, starting point is the unequal relationship between the starting point and the author is obvious, the great god the author under the appropriate opportunity will not hesitate to choose to leave, and the reader will have quite a number of options to follow god to leave;

second, shanda literature is the starting point and jinjiang duopoly, men and women almost route, the starting point rely on years of accumulation and mature experience in no doubt as a market leader, however, said the front, the author is able to leave, the reader is also likely to follow a great god leave, also a bit don’t forget, closely related to the starting point of many great spirit and edit, believe that as long as the starting point of founding team with core editor such as enlightenment, 314 et up a call, will definitely have a lot of great god the author follow left , as for the new club is their own business, or associated with giant, this is not in the subject, anyway, the money has been is not part of the problem;

third, have a mature and experienced connections, founding team set up the hill easily, on the other hand, the starting point will be a large amount of blood loss, most likely loss of a great god and paid user first IPO don’t want to, maybe will soon decline , although will find ways to support the new god, but this is not a short time can complement to, and these basic is the team’s rapid emergence enough time;

in the end, shanda is excluded a camp, its aim and nowadays bridge elder brother was not in a good mood, no two grand once enjoyed, so far has no competitive advantage , although thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, but it’s just a blip.

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by the way, could you fill me roughly identified core staff turnover list, you can imagine will be taken away by the great god author:
Here are some specific list before and post: (stay)
The starting point of Chinese four founders:
Qidian founder, general manager: heart of darkness (wu)
Qidian, founder and chief editor: treasure jianfeng (Lin Tingfeng)
Qidian founder, general manager: Tibetan sword jiangnan loosen (business)
Qidian, founder qidian deputy editor-in-chief: meaning

top management:
The original starting point Chinese director of the editorial content: clip (Zhu Jia)
The original starting point: Chinese website content editor, deputy director unit long
The starting point, the former deputy director of qidian content operations, literature network editor-in-chief: 314 (Jody)
The original starting point Chinese website content support manager, network literature senior practitioners: hakodate (Yang)

Core editor, editor:

The first set of the original qidian editor: enlightenment (Chen Libo)
A second set of the original qidian editor: the sky
The third group chief editor: the original qidian ease
The fourth group editor: the original qidian nonsense
The original starting point of Chinese five group editor: FeiLiGuo (departure size)
The original starting point Chinese sanjiang editor: ZENK
The original starting point of Chinese copyright editor: balls
The original starting point of Chinese two groups editor: sharp (w)
ZeBian original starting point of Chinese three groups: a line
The original starting point of Chinese wireless editor: taishan

the original starting point girl web editor: Tian Zhiguo
Original starting point the girl in the first group chief editor:
the plain boiled waterThe original starting point girl net five group editor: Liu Liu
The original starting point the girl net five ZeBian: tangyuan
The original starting point the girl net five ZeBian: jojo