“Start” button did return Windows 8.1 screenshot exposure

like Windows “start” button on the people, to tell you a news: Microsoft seems to really hear the deep feeling of calling you, the “start” button is back! According to we just got the news, Microsoft decided in unlisted Windows 8.1 desktop, add back the “start” button. This is zhang windows8.1 desktop screenshot below, we can clearly see the bottom left corner of the screen there is a “start” button, it is consistent and previous Windows style. On Wednesday, Paul Thurrott ‘s Supersite for Windows has revealed a win8.1 desktop screenshot. On the picture, we can see the logo of doing is placed in the “task” on the left, this is the same as previously reported. Thurrott, said win8.1 users will be after the boot, boot directly to the “desktop model”, however, by default, the situation is not so (that is, users have to change their system default Settings). Here are come from the Windows 8.1 Thurrott desktop screenshot.