Star-studded moment in human history – G wireless network

with the development of the network transmission technology, the wireless network in the process of development, has presented the generational divide. Although each country and area network development level is different, from the wired network, the wireless network; From the accident in Japan in 1979 the first generation of cellular networks, to today’s 4 g or 5 g, the Internet has deeply influenced and even changed our daily life.

here are from the data statistics of a generational divide network chart of the company. In the illustrated report, it led us clearly and vividly reviewed this period of history.

we see that the average speed of 1 g of the five network, at the time of only 2.4 Kb per second. Then it is like a toddler baby. This kind of network based on analog signal, can provide users with basic voice services.

in the 80 s, most of the countries represented by the European Union adopted GSM, CDMA communication standards. This criterion changes once MOTOROLA giant, have to face the challenges of emerging mobile phone manufacturers such as nokia. At an average speed of 64 KB per second. In addition to improve the call quality, network coverage more widely.

at once, the 3 g era. Compared with the first generation of digital wireless network, there is quality improvement in the speed of the 3 g network. The average speed soared to 2000 KB per second. That is to say, in the case of not even wifi, we still can watch hd movies in one step. At this point, the mission of mobile devices has great changes have taken place. Phone is no longer as, or is no longer just as the main demands of users to buy time. Watch video, IM, graphic transfer, local navigation, business office, such as a mobile Internet, the network shopping function has the more and more humanized objects, from a simple communication carrier, became a productivity tool.

4 g networks, it is a real “mobile broadband network. Speed will be more than 100000 Kb per second.

no matter whether we agree with this, but one thing is clear: the wireless network is towards high speed, stability and wide coverage, functional diversification direction. Thanks to science and technology, we sincerely look forward to more “star-studded moment in human history”.