“Spoof” lei jun VS old version “about hero”

old and lei jun in wangjing encounter, with a small pavilion, has been set up all: plate of greengage, cook a cup of wine. Two men sat and drink.

to half drunk wine, suddenly, the clouds, vast and lonely, the rain will come. Torrential rain face upwards, pinglan view of army and hao.

the yue: “brother, heard hao RuJiu calendar, will know contemporary hero. Please try to speak.”
Hao yue: “hao naked eye the Ann is the hero?”
The yue: “take an cheng.”
Hao yue: “if my past patronage, to the teacher. The hero, actual unknown.”
The yue: “not its surface, also its.”
Hao yue: “eldest brother apple, xiong, already a long time, is a monopoly, can be a hero?”
The yue: “help a Lord, both pawns difficult first, although the bully may not be a long time.”
Hao yue: “Korea samsung, its potential aggressive, monopolizing resources, rests for a long time, can be a hero?”
The yue: “healthy city was old, but can still no rice, its jae-yong, general no, not hero also.”
Hao yue: “Microsoft, Texas today neumann general’s, its potential, can be a hero?”
Army yue: “Microsoft seeks the without a break, cano’s men are single minded and do great things and cherish life, see profits but forget to life, not hero also.”
Hao yue: “the cool four will, soft and unique, cover works?”
Army yue: “the cool, this is real, and feel secure loyal pure, domineering hard, not hero also.”
Hao yue: “HTC, women at the helm, extraordinary, and can be a hero?”
The yue: “malaise, foot about also?”
Hao yue: “such as SONY, LG, MOTOROLA generation is?”
The clap laugh yue: “such a mediocre gas of the elders, not worth mentioning at all!”
Hao yue: “give up this, hao real don’t know.”
Army yue: “husband, hero, aim high, be good, have a parcel of the universe, chi are also throughput of heaven and earth.”
Hao yue: “who can be?”
After the finger hao, self-referential, yue: “pack what outfit, no wonder that you installed, today under a hero, but make you and ray ear!”
When the rain will come, when the god cracking thunder sound, write. Two people eat a surprised, key zhu unknowingly fall underground, all bow to pick up the chopsticks, hands touch, long smile.
And, for a long time don’t of, hao yue: “mo Gao Guxiao pine, drink and drive.”
The yue: “well, lonely at the top”.

note: the author @ Mr Luo hammer hammer mobile phone system after first rice powder more after both, and millet team and hammer team including Mr Luo has nothing to do, we state.