[special review] jingdong “alternative” delusion: is a kind of tomato every pr stunt

cloud network hunting on June 6, review

jingdong June daqing, to give way in the industry top B2C website, Yi Xun, suning, dangdang, bee, gome online, every guest, shows all war, before the 618 war, very heated. As the nation’s largest Tmall B2C platform, have been silent, no comment.
In the middle, large electrical contractor in private resource competition more intense, jingdong top suddenly brushes aside other rivals, cats require companies to accuse day a choice: if you choose to participate in the jingdong celebrate month promotion, shall not participate in the promotion of the company in the second half of this year.

jingdong said in a statement, the behavior of any forced “alternative”, will do harm to open and competition; Will hinder the development of electricity industry, and will eventually harm the welfare of the society as a whole. No matter in any name, let partners, users lose the option, is not a market economy.

but cat denied the claims by day, more weibo, said the day the cat give businesses an ultimatum, companies to withdraw from jingdong pop platform activity, but well-known in the industry LuZhenWang found that at 6 in the morning, rumours of the brand involved in ram and a man, big septwolves, aokang and jack Jones big promote safe in jingdong shop front page. A personage points out that pure jingdong marketing.

in fact, who is familiar with the industry to understand, the so-called “alternative” is the earliest suning and gome in 05 and 06 years of play. 5.1 golden week 2006, suning to haier, hisense, TCL, samsung, and so on dozens of air conditioning suppliers sent a “contract”, asked the manufacturer may not provide more promotion resources for gome, was branded a no-trade clause. Gome has also been suning charge that malicious purchase price lower, compulsory means manufacturers undertake marketing expenses.

you know, from 2000 until 2007 that the chain on the top in China, gome is far higher than that of suning. So, from the executive level, choose one of these, it is a strong player in order to compete and the strongest player, make moves. , after all, to stand in the Angle of the supplier, the natural will be according to how much their sales ratio of allocation of resources, in the offline appliances war, gome, especially in Beijing, the output is far higher than that of suning stores sales and natural don’t need to reinvent the wheel, to ask for and suning as the promotion of resources and the promotion price, unless he is silly.

back to cat, jingdong day involves a choice of manufacturers in the rumors are apparel businesses, but the personage inside course of study thinks, no matter in terms of traffic or sales, day the cat is around ten times the jingdong pop platform. In theory, under the same price system (unreasonable high sales price higher than that of low sales) instead, cats need not fear jingdong.

if so, the day the cat really require a choice of words, there is no doubt that should be in their own weaknesses, such as 3 c (in fact, from the overall strength of heaven cat electric city is not weak in jingdong, clinch a deal the cat electric city 50 billion 2012 days, a little weaker than jingdong overall 65 billion). That make up their weaknesses, keep advantage of category, Tmall surely win.

but from the current feedback to day the cat is not so for appliances to a choice, it proved that the so-called rumors a choice is not so hard, in other words, is a choice but some manufacturers a marketing gimmick.

on the other hand, really be exposure to expose business, it is “locked” jingdong. Last September, jingdong kick a spoiler Tmall 1111 shopping carnival activities, demanded the full 300 must be sent out 1000 yuan coupon, collective opposed by the merchants. Jingdong to take large seal shop at that time, thousands of businesses such as cranes, widely, shanshan is jingdong tough closed the backstage entrance, losses. Held on September 3, jingdong mall to buy 300 yuan to 1000 yuan for the activities of securities, and 1000 yuan coupon out all need sellers, Jasonwood after refusing to take part in activities, businesses were jingdong lock. After Jasonwood was forced to withdraw from jingdong mall.

the next November, by the same token, essential oil brand, released a statement from shop, said “given the jingdong mall lock our backstage, had forced merchants on bad promotion”, decided from jingdong mall store. In fu the founder of carved words, “if you buy goods, with 10 billion in 10 billion to sell, you see if we can put the cat double tenth day by Frankfurt is down, you can completely spoilt their money, but can’t kidnap brands, tinkering brands the price of the product, then making brands pay for your share of the market, it can’t be.”

and during the double tenth day cat a locked by jingdong shop including daphne, ram, 10 several right and tao tao, etc. Please note that most of the shops are in the cat requires a choice by rumors by day list.

maybe, some east are doing, and holidays, offline businesses work hard, do not hesitate to play the “fire”, the word “unprofitable sale”, is a routine.

if memory serves, last year 8.15, liu said, “the jingdong electric zero margin in three years, all major appliances guarantee more than 10% cheaper than gome suning chain.” This rhetoric, except for the last buy traffic won 132% of the high rise and get consumers complain of cursing, the rest is an apology.

the latest progress, today more than 9 o ‘clock in the morning, day, cat 200 million cash bonus distributing consumer, 200 million cash subsidies to business. Allusion jingdong, at the same time, is “in the name of all kinds of promotion, entertaining show of writing; Money is silly to hit advertising, with investors, businessmen money make advertisers feast “. Emphasize, the day the cat to “let the consumer benefit, real gold and silver companies to grow, let more environmental health trust.” Understated responded to, of course, a choice question, saying is “every kind of tomatoes pr stunt.”