South Korean media said samsung launched the Galaxy in January S5

(editor: Andie)

recently, according to South Korea’s largest portal and search engine sites Naver reported that samsung will be launched in January next year Galaxy S5.

the above reported that samsung is “eager to launch a new generation of the Galaxy smartphone, because the Galaxy S4 is the decline in sales in the market. Previously, financial securities services and consulting firm Jefferies analyst Peter Misek (Jefferies Group), in an analysis report pointed out that the Galaxy S4 market pin has not achieved samsung internal targets.

Navel article also revealed that the Galaxy S5 will use the samsung Orion processor (rather than a qualcomm processor), and most likely is a eight core processor. In addition, the equipment will also be a 1600 megapixel camera.

the Naver founder hai-zhen li worked as r&d in the early 90 s into the samsung company engineer.

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