South Korea Kakaotalk: Indonesia Vietnam market marketing with idols

South Korea

Kakaotalk 13 said, is to the south Korean idol group Bigbang as a spokesperson in Indonesia and Vietnam for television commercials.

idol group in South Korea Bigbang

last year, the Bigbang in Indonesia, 2 time concert with 3 thousands of fans, all the tickets sold out, visible Bigbang in the local popular sentiment.

Kakaotalk television advertising will in Indonesia, Vietnam and other places in the 3 late open at the same time, with the participation of the local famous model.

version in Indonesia is expected to television advertising Bigbang and local female singer Sherina Munaf play together. Sherina Munaf currently in Indonesia local popular talent show “good sound (The Voice of Indonesia or) “as a judge. In Vietnam’s version of Bigbang television advertising and popular with young people in the local actors Midu in.

Kakaotalk “the company said there is huge potential market, we seek to combine the local culture and cultural localization strategy, actively ready to explore foreign markets.”

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recently, tencent announced micro letter (Wechat) as Indonesia market App Store and Google Play download charts. Previously, I (line) continues to occupy Google Play download charts.

at present, in Google Google Play mobile application, the top three mobile applications respectively WeChat, li ne and WhatsApp . while South Korea KakaoTalk in Indonesia ranked relatively. But in the 2013 , 1 to 2 , KakaoTalk application downloads grew in Indonesia 228% .

WeChat with Line of rapid growth is attributed to the large-scale television ads in Indonesia, while Kakaotalk to use some of the more elaborate activity for marketing, they will through frequent offline activities to attract the user’s attention, using social networking and blogs for viral marketing.

the article source: Moneytoday