Sorry! Mu guixian, director of gome electrical contractor for electricity eulogy

“first financial daily” reporter learns from authoritative sources, senior vice President of gome group mu guixian gome has been given in two business logistics, information management, to full gome electrical business. Previously, although mu guixian front gome gome electrical contractor business online head, but it is more involved in decision-making, and execution layer by Han Depeng and Ding Donghua. Overall responsibility for gome online, means that the mu guixian from behind the scenes to the front.

mu guixian control of gome electrical contractor, behind is still in prison, “Mr. Huang’s strategic intent. A gome insiders said, in fact, as early as last year, the company further acquisitions of kubah, and integrating kubah and gome online mall for gome online, is huang behind his back.

two days ago, but mu guixian foreign issued an electrical business tribute! Behind the eulogy to express the intention of the very intriguing. The following is a eulogy.

memory of lost your hope alive we

— — – written on the eve of the tomb-sweeping day electricity eulogy

in April 2013, gome electrical contractor was born more than 720 days,

is after heavy fighting the baptism of gome mall and kubah nets, gave him a new life,

in April 2013, many friends, has “death” for many days,

is arrived but brutal price wars slaughtered for a long time, pour on the land,,

some name of “group”, is very young, he was supposed to have a better future, should have more innovation and ideas,

some name of “vertical”, is a veteran, was supposed to have a more detailed operation, should be cooked more large pieces of cake,

but shuffle winds, let everything is a bit too late.

the remaining alive, some in difficult breathing, struggling to close to the next knife,

some self-proclaimed “price butcher” continue to walk river’s lake, but at best, only carrying wooden pseudo butcher knife and speakers.

all understand,

“price butcher” not shout out, but by true strength arms extended dry out,

really butcher tu off is water price, tu is bloated and inefficient supply chain,

false butcher tu is the counterpart of the benign competition, tu off is the ethos of the industry,

but there is not strength tu them price – 815 last year, but still, tore off too many zhang’s painted skin,

coexistence and co-prosperity, should become the pursuit of all electrical businessman,

if price war killed everyone again, only one or two after the home appliances business,

so you can imagine, the birth of monopolism, wouldn’t exist “customer is god”,

however, it seems that nobody thought,

everyone thinks on the highway in this crazy – wait and adjustment, is an elderly,

so, alive is the most happy thing, so, you can use whatever means,

every year of losses, but also the tireless wave price butcher’s knife,

every year of losses, but it can create a beautiful books and data,

every year of losses, often also makes the financing,

what time, China’s electricity, the newborn pure land, became the destruction, data manipulation, financial speculators feast?

the dead comrades, so unfair!

you know, in those fallen electricity businessman,

some sounded the assembly of online shopping in China, some lit the user’s shopping enthusiasm,

as the product of their small to large, for the social progress has brought a new, way of life,

is their courageously, let our survival, in today can stand.

so from now on,

what we need is, healthy operation of benign development,

we need, like pathological industry the fist say no!

some people say that professional athletes to undergo two life “death”,

a is in the end of his career, at a time is when his breathing stops,

with electricity, may need to experience “survived” twice,

a is survival in the haze of price war, is a nirvana reborn after thoroughly down,

gome online, through the price of a few years after the battle, also waiting for the birth and death in the cracks of what,

we are waiting for and money capital chain to say goodbye, say goodbye, we are waiting for and grandiose data

April 18th, gome online birthday day,

we want to do, is to use the company’s supply chain, to provide users with high quality products,

we want to do, is to use a complete logistics system, to provide users with a comfortable enjoy shopping experience,

we need to further improve the quality of service, we need to further improve the efficiency of the communication of the service

we need too much, but will never need to lure of sales skills and face depth of pricing,

since this April, we need to embrace the electricity source, “retail”

in order to “die” brothers, in order to “live” friend,

the industry, in this direction switching.

after the qingming festival, fell to a new, is the time and the past say goodbye,

hope a few lines of “eulogy”, today will be the future overwhelmed with boundless joy,

the memory of the lost to you, we hope alive.

mu guixian

On April 1,