Sohu video voice hit a record five industries

October 17, 2013, sohu video plot in the second quarter “Chinese good voice” exclusive new media project celebration, sohu company chairman of the board and CEO zhang, sohu video Deng Ye COO and star Chinese media shimmering stars shimmering star making Tian Ming, President, CEO and production is lu wei, deputy general manager to attend, and announced that sohu video good voice total project amount exceeds 2 billion, exclusive broadcast platform more than double last year’s entire network broadcast, revenue of 200 million yuan, a single project hit a record five industries.

Charles zhang said, sohu video through a series of new media innovation, yes China good voice broadcast on television ratings, network capacity, in the second quarter project revenue, the user interaction and original series network program, etc., are usually with zhejiang satellite TV and shimmering stars make phenomenal performance, beyond the last year, created the network interactive new height.

record five industries including total project amount, total users, advertising total scale, as well as the platform, mobile end user coverage, in addition to the total amount exceeds 2 billion, sohu video good sound project total watch users reached 300 million, of which more than half of new subscribers accounted, but project covers more than half of China’s Internet users. Users in the sohu video look good voice also watch website other content is 97.5%, the proportion of the pulling effect is obvious. In the months since June sohu video of variety and TV channel user coverage has dominated industry first, beginning in August sohu video number of entire network coverage in 263 million into the industry’s first hit a record high.

good sound project sohu video advertising a total revenue of 200 million yuan, the single project revenue and record video industry, the three major advertisers with much treasure, samsung electronics, the sparrow gazelles each invest tens of millions of marketing as the biggest beneficiaries.

in terms of mobile terminal, sohu video good sound performance and record industry, mobile terminal single projects more than 700 million, the peak of more than 50%. In addition, sohu video good sound single programme covers over 50 million total users, set up a new Chinese Internet record; Three big advertisers with much treasure, samsung electronics, the current various invested tens of millions of birds – record video industry big clients in size.

Deng Ye said, sohu video provides advertisers with the new value across multiple platforms, independent build series “sprint good voice”, “king of K song”, “the good voice hero” and other series, with rich new media interactive innovation, huge sohu matrix, and PC, mobile and TV platform coverage, so in order to create the camp charge amount on the PC and mobile industry, sets a new standard of industry.