Sogou is bidding for the clouds: sogou pre-ipo hype

yesterday, the industry began circulating sogou baidu and 360 rumours of a competitive bid. Hunting cloud network were quizzed the investment community senior executives and the performance. Many views, according to the bid is just a legend, this is a new round of speculation before sogou listed, this also means that sogou has accelerated the IPO process, in the near future is coming to the capital markets.

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360 acquisition of sogou?

the most similar patterns of business in 360 and sogou, channels are based on the input flow support search. 360 is the navigation and browser, sogou sogou input method. Channel is both the key to obtain search market share. Search for 360 search, and constantly promote the establishment of the brand is the top priority.

“360 can do things, why do you want to buy? 360 will use sogou input method as an important rivals, with 360 installations, he can continue to reengineering product entry, push forward its own channel layout.”

“the $1.4 billion valuation is fantasy, ali last exit time sogou valuations more than $200 million, although the sogou business has been growing, but had not been based on $1.4 billion valuation. Especially in 360 has been listed on the premise of market environment, sogou’s story is about 360, and speak very well, what makes Wall Street will determine sogou will have different imagination?”

“you look at the 360 earnings will know that this is nonsense, to now a total of 360 is less than $400 million in cash and equivalents, 360 more than ten dollars to buy sogou? Where does the money come from? And 360, in itself, financial pressure is very big, how is it possible to make such a decision? Even the so-called exchange “

buy sogou baidu will be?

after eaten by 360 quick part of market share, the current market is in a state of relative balance. 360 has stopped the surge of momentum, baidu’s top priority has three. A is for the optimization of search, especially 360 attacks baidu search, several problems such as false medical. Channels of the second is to seek cooperation, such as high quality channel resource, such as thunderbolt has been baidu. The third is the layout of the mobile Internet.

“in the PC market, baidu need to speed up the channel layout, prevent zhou li to find more channels, and further eroded the market share, but sogou is a search, and is driven by sogou input method of search. Li buy sogou input method the product works, but it is impossible to buy behind sogou search. Especially at high prices. Channels of sogou input method in baidu will have value, but the sogou search for baidu have not any business complement each other.”

“do baidu’s strategy is very poor, so now everybody come to baidu’s jokes, just a news jokes about baidu. But baidu also won’t literally spend billions of dollars to buy a channel.”

pre-ipo hype behind

so how suddenly appear baidu and 360 bid rumours? Industry executives convective cloud network said, “like a sogou homing from hype farce. Listed as sogou, to Wall Street campaign “

in March of this year, the industry suddenly spread rumors said sohu is negotiating with Banks and private equity, probably from the nasdaq delisting, privatisation. When hunting cloud network exclusive analysis, zhang the profound reasons behind the move: although sogou is an independent company, but the results still calculate in sohu group. Sohu valuations are low, which means sogou valuation is low. Sohu news of delisting of independent public sogou (future sohu video to independent public) to create a better environment of public opinion, packaging can be better than sogou and sohu video.

that is to say, zhang actually want to tell the industry, sogou valuation should be higher.

before early hunting cloud network we have heard from many sources, including senior sogou, sogou internal determine the listed time is 2013.

“baidu and 360 won’t let out the news, because for the first two, if one party in a bid for sogou, such rumors come out to the other party not good beggar-thy-neighbour, rumors behind only one beneficiary sogou.”

“it is a new pr hype, sogou want to learn to like learning 360 version 3 q war, war of 360 had brought a high market value, sogou this time just make a bid for so-called hearsay, withstand scrutiny, bad public relations skills.”