Social’s speech: why is Facebook and renren has always stay in college?

the success of fb is all aspects, technology, marketing, development timing… Renren also not stay in college, but did not even stop college students to live…

1. Powerful technology huge huge huge:

1. Powerful features: photo identification, global geographic mark, powerful privacy control directional release of intelligent grouping, dynamic, real-time radar control, photo albums and upload time handled separately… It is a long story, it close to the towel than aunt also considerate good yao… But renren have great progress, and applauded a voice function, good praise is put forward.

2. Humanized interface: it is a long story… All the details of the design is so simple and easy to use… Capital letters can @ the person… And so on it is a long story…

3. Processing: high-speed high-speed upload photos to experience high speed search, high speed load… Fluid is an important part of the user experience… I started because pain – QQ space USES the flash technology, was slow to want to cling to abandon the N years, have been hook of choose and employ persons, now the development of the great, but no longer can’t go back… (” it’s a pity that not you, accompany me to the end… “A product early experience is very poor, will be destroyed after the lamp… )

4. Security: fb technology behind the team, I will not list data of user data security generally attaches great importance to foreign website (at least) is very important to claim some time ago by Java zero-day vulnerabilities, malicious software to Facebook employees notebook, finally also do not have what matter, renren, ha ha, anyway, two years ago, just an intern will have access to all users, surprised me was raised greatly disappointed ah, don’t know now improved the no… So, you don’t say in renren whispers secret oh ~ ~ (broadly to all network products don’t say the secret… )

5. Mobile client: the development of mobile Internet, importance… (omit one thousand words), anyway I brush SNS90 % time cell phone use, who came home from work everyday also think of the computer are fragments of time good yao… Fb mobiles can upload photos, at the same time can tag… Good land, a long story, renren? Once the mobile end in grade 1 minute, can’t use state of continuous flash back, all… Below message is full of cursing and want to review 0… But I made a great progress recently, 5 points to show encouragement.

6. Multilingual interface Foreigners do products have a good thinking of internationalization, a small broken application can choose a variety of language version, (mainly because their language is also like). Fb is worth mentioning that in addition to support 70 languages, unexpectedly and pirate English, English version, pirates similar domestic slang, but there is a background of literary works, classic films, the overall feeling is cool, fun, very identity but don’t feel like brain-dead.

2, powerful ecological system

a product wants to survive, it is environment to let you live you can survive… The so-called a bawcock three help…
Fb now did the founders say, changed the habit of communication, including businesses and consumers interaction habits have been changed. This part of the domestic, sina weibo did very well. All kinds of home jun sell MOE…

1. Merchants: almost all the big name has its own facebook page; Almost all points on the scale of stores can be on facebook like it, a year and a half ago, I practice it on a motorcycle shop window downstairs with facebook and twitter.

2. The government, institutions: an chestnuts: Paris city government for young people to launch a series of free coupons, swimming film museum, this project has its own fb page… I used to live in the apartment provided specifically for young people, and groups have their own fb page…

3. Celebrity: lady gaga and talor swift what millions of every message like… Concerts to fb made


IT industry ecosystem

this year popular do platform, fb was a success..

1. Account sharing almost all foreign application can directly use fb account login, save the registration time, a win-win situation. To my delighted to discover WeChat micro letter can also use fb, xiao-long zhang @ allenzhang you ah ~ ~ I love you to unify the whole country ~ ~ I recommend a lot of foreign friends in fb… Micro letter too NNNNBBBB… Digress quickly finished the work

2. The application of fb I would say, renren page ah swim ah look those applications brainwashed was a waste of time and inferior design also calculate, I just want to make fun, you dare to dare not don’t send spam to user friend!!!!!!!!!!! Too influence the user experience good yao!!!!!!!!!!! What? You don’t come to the user experience, you are making money? Well, look at page swims the suction gold, suddenly and violently silk, I misunderstood you…

(3). The viscosity function

a product, some people can use the function of the collective, let customers come in with a pull by one automatically, which is social network effects, such as micro letter group chat, QQ group, for example, such as douban group, such as weibo rose powder behavior, such as the initial renren… When my classmate a began to pull a hook of choose and employ persons, innocent to write diary, comment on each other… That I can remember all the days of innocence… And then… No then… Said fb

1. The activity, Chinese translation for the activity, the function is too strong, is a collaboration tool, fixed location, invite people to participate, topic discussion, the activity finished can Po photos… People organize party organizations to attend the graduation ceremony together, organize, use this. Is the most warm, often someone’s suprise initiative, a group of people in there to discuss how to someone making a birthday surprise of what, and then finally finished people by surprise to see you how to pay for her, pony, “said the said touched… (I never is a surprise… (Д T/T)/), the function of privacy control or close… It is a long story

2. The circle of people To @ in a message to my friends, will urge friends registered sina weibo, circle of people now renren early have this function is not

4, operations

1. Junk!!!!!!!!!!! There!!!!!! Use!!!!!!!!!!! Home!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone too much garbage users online, day N without mutual friend to apply for add me as a friend, a point in a look at all the zombies; Various albums thought quite good play, the results found a few pieces in the behind are advertising…… Renren are you into? Didn’t into you so let inferior user abuse your normal user???????

2. Allegedly, renren’s employees, is not very elite. Some low level employees are recruiting, including interns, the content of the work is to create some amount of forward high… This came out of the reward system and what are the operating level… Is to make users good money? ! This I can’t judge is hearsay, and the news several years ago. Hope to have correct…

5, the difference of user

I think, renren no fb fire, not pure is the problem that students don’t ring, fb in abroad is regardless of age, career are in use, so that the SNS users of cultural difference is also obvious.

1. The original content, the habit of independent thinking. This is very important. The so-called since the media, is independent news media. Release is someone else’s message and what you mean… In the end the quality of the website or SNS content quality depends on the users’ contribution. Fine technology to advance to a group of brain damage are kept small with three that is also a lousy site filled with material. Wrong (say, oh, still perhaps is a market, who is better than to develop a “through a shattered to the ground” website… ) look at renren users, I feel is intuitive, share content rate is far more than original content, proportion over the years has been rising… Tourism, recipes, self-help… Everyone always “live” elsewhere. SNS is not network favorites, still should pay attention to anything related to their relatives and friends, more pure, more attractive. Facebook has never see who share these at sixes and sevens… Is own life trajectory, to play what, who see, have what feeling, might share some funny jokes, and like it, don’t go to repost. Renren users feel there is always a lot of follow suit, there is a news we will forward the indignant or stuff see cross flow, Po point than pictures of himself to demonstrations to protest something interesting (this is difficult, you have been drinking tea can’t say I instigated… O (╯/╰) o)
By the way, this phenomenon may be because professional spam… I hate zombies…

2. Education level This determines the penetration of hardware operating skills, a colleague’s father died in the United States, his mother is sent via fb to his father’s friends obituary of… A Chinese old woman certainly couldn’t do it… But it’s only a matter of time, such as we the generation after 80 s became a granny is ok…

3. Globalization, geographical distance. Fb user is globalization, fb global positioning, increased the potential number of users… More attractive to the user, in the hope that internationalization of China’s IT enterprises are some… In addition, the geographical distance of the people, the demand for SNS is very strong, I hook of choose and employ persons, it is just because of the high school students are scattered in all over the country, university students scattered in all over the world, in addition to the network, can’t exchange relationship. This may explain why parents don’t need SNS meet the emotional needs, string a door for them directly using a mobile phone to each other photos are more convenient than the mouse on a branch.

4. Call names… May be the big bird what lin2 zi3 all have, in addition I can’t find any reason to explain why the Chinese like call names on the Internet so much dirty words… So depressed? What a have a event open to scold, for someone who is not afraid of their comments were to see the damaged image? There is no solution… By the way, suddenly remembered before and alumni in renren and boyfriend passion according… In our lovely little effection engineering schools… Over the years I didn’t think was about… I can only sing with exotic flowers were blossoming open, steady their through ~ ~

on the contrary the foreigner is like praise, although is said to be false, but lasted at least on the surface of the peace ~ ~

the last speech, piracy is not a problem key to good yao:

1. The interface point of view, if a thing is in good condition, do you think Chinese users will be because it is pirated interface doesn’t have to? And my parents did not even seen the facebook interface, don’t think piracy…
2. The technical point of view, the concept of SNS is a kind of original and complicate the IT technology development to late would not be pirated, the ICQ failed, but IM thinking OICQ learning technology is developing more NB, turned into a NB penguins.
What that (I go I don’t even forget the original name) out, micro letter m chat what is very hot, then what the chat with m all don’t know why to go…
Most of the time, I hope the domestic product piracy is better, so that we benefit ourselves! Look at micro letter, when I was introduced to foreigners in, they were all delighted to feel not happy for What ‘sApp paying ~
3. I like “micro innovation” the idea. QQ email is a good example… Although still not gmail works but many innovation function, a product even if piracy others completely, also can through micro innovation make differentiation.
The most in the end, to express my personal expectations:

as consumers, products in good condition, don’t mind what is the company (like Google claimed that the values of course set the geek image better let everybody have more superiority to use), I have been to renren in disappointment, hope someone venture to create a similar site really have friends (do), or you want to fb put everyone bought (so I can save my message log and friends, and also can have a good website), now, very happy renren in progress ~ very loathe to give up hundreds of posts and comments you young…

there is no the students use what, we are not all these schoolboys working now so ╮ (╯ del ╰) ╭ products do a good job, a good operation, w add oil ~! ╭ ╭ ( ̄  ̄ 3)?


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