Social media marketing platform MarketMeSuite raised $1.25 million

social media marketing platform company Talus Holding company get a sum of money for the 125 $strategic investments, according to the Cambridge company said, the money will be mainly used for the platform for the development of new functions, they hope that by the new marketing and customer service that the number of subscribers is growing.

this latest round of financing makes MarketMeSuite in the past 13 months got a total 225 $ financing, last year the , MarketMeSuite from Jeffrey McCormick received 110 thousands of dollars of investment, while the latter is Saturn, founder of the Partners, recently moved to Massachusetts from Britain.

MarketMeSuite said, now there are more than 30000 mses in use their platform, because many of the platform are now in help marketers in different media account balance and optimization, so the MarketMeSuite if you want to stand out, the function will be different with others, they are trying to distinguish themselves with the current traditional method, that is to make the different media accounts can be easily “communication”, like checking email is convenient.

in a recent statement, the company Tammy Kahn Fennell is such evaluation this round of investment: “the money will help us to expand the development platform, will help our customers more effectively organized and priority to participate in social interaction. This time we and Talus Holding a partnership and their network will help us to find a better market opportunities.”