Social free list first and climb to the APP STORE

cloud network hunting on September 25, alibaba friends interactive products won the users rapidly in conference, has successful social class free APP on the APP STORE to download first, than the micro letter, QQ, weibo and other similar products.

23, alibaba is released, a new generation of interactive platform “and” friends, download and enable the building group sent “local tyrants gold”, “cloud” ali phone such rich incentive user trial, quickly attracted a large number of users. and burn after reading, cluster, graffiti, and other features, and quickly became a hot topic. the latest news, said the company has to follow a similar function, plan in the mobile phone QQ version 4.5 add burn after reading this function.

due to the market influence of ali, “and” the impact on the micro letter is much larger than yi letter to, capital markets also respond to the change of market environment. Tencent’s stock closed at 24 402 . 6 yuan, down 1.6%, netease shares also fell.

with friends is alibaba group, a new generation of interactive platform, circle around mobile address book allows users to set up an acquaintance, support for both single-player and multiplayer participation, sent via mobile phone network voice, images, text, such as and you can use to contact friends anytime and anywhere, share the mood. Relative to the micro letter, main private security, slam the door shake stranger interactive functions such as setting, increased burn after reading, xiu xiu and friends for private social functions such as