Social advertising market weibo effect


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in 2011, sina weibo has grown, shouted out commercial goals for the first time. Launched in 2012, weibo commercialized, but on the activity and the user experience face many questions. In the face of controversy, sina weibo finally to hand over a good report card business, quarterly advertising revenue topped $30 million.

than Facebook and Twitter, sina weibo on commercial as a follower, but domestic, sina weibo more is playing the role of the Portland trail blazers. In service launched 4 anniversary of the historic nodes, with the steady progress of commercialization, weibo is entering a new stage of development, is expected to be the social advertising market in a weibo effect.

weibo advertising revenues represent the breakthrough

review sina weibo commercialization process, advertising has always been the most important source of income, it with sina portal road is realized.

in April 2012, sina weibo, launched the first advertising system, officially launched commercial. At present, weibo has different forms of advertising, is a PC and mobile advertising display advertising, one is “promoting the flow of information” self-service advertising platform. In addition, the weibo also launched a social electric commercial advertising, covering both display advertising flow of information and advertising two forms, including weibo right and interest at the bottom of the recommended electricity content belongs to display ads, window recommend AD, belongs to the flow of information.

with the official and the third party analysis data, sort out the following about weibo advertising trends. In the commercialization of the first quarter, weibo advertising revenue more than $10 m, under the Olympic Games in the third quarter of 2012 advertising revenue doubled, then two quarters at the same horizontal line. Until the second quarter of 2013, weibo advertising revenue again a significant growth, 30 million for the first time.

the reason is that alibaba’s contribution is a major positive. The second quarter by alibaba, according to a giant contribution of weibo advertising revenue is about $5 million, in view of the fact that the two sides have reached $380 million within three years into the framework agreement, weibo in this respect will gain stable support.

on the advertising information flow, the main fan of small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) products and in the second quarter of 2013 is launched, launched the quarter income is about 10 million yuan, is still in its infancy. Than the brand advertising and the framework agreement, the direction of the flow of advertising should be more important to sina, after all, such products bearing the hope of blue ocean market, sina into small and medium enterprises and with ali data through, weibo information flow of advertising revenue potential may be emerging in the future.

the explorers of the mobile Internet business

from display ads to search ads to social networking, Internet market never lack of new advertising model. But with speed mobile Internet, build successful mobile business model is a challenge for all Internet companies.

this July, Facebook released the second quarter of fiscal 2013 earnings. The mobile advertising business continued to expand and boost incomes rise, Facebook net income was $333 million, $157 million from a year earlier, rising sharply. , according to data from the mobile advertising revenue on Facebook as a proportion of the total advertising revenue reached about 41%.

than Facebook and Twitter, sina weibo on commercial as a follower, but domestic, weibo more is plays the role of pioneers and explorers.

renren expensive for domestic social industry veteran, although in a certain game, but its earnings have always not good-looking, loss-making. In the first half of this year, under pressure of renren announced that will be the key to the mobile Internet, “base” to create your own characteristics, but it is thought that in the field of mobile Internet, renren belongs to boot, advantage is not obvious, how to gain a foothold is still in doubt.

as for the giant tencent, WeChat just launched payment tool, commercial pattern is still in the discussion stage, is positioned for tencent weibo sniper type products, although low-key launch information advertising also test recently, but form echoes the sina weibo, and tencent microblog content many from group internal product synchronous sharing, platform appeal.

weibo, by contrast, in the mobile Internet business has made substantial effect, move the income has come to dominate the weibo income proportion, of which 34% in the first quarter, second quarter in the case of no account of alibaba contributions accounted for 34%. After considering the contribution of alibaba, mobile terminal in the second half of the year, the proportion of income contribution will be higher.

although the face of activity and the user experience, but in 16 months after the commercial launch, sina weibo has shown good business development situation, and the ability to form the effective stimulus to sina portal hematopoiesis. Considering the domestic haven’t found apparent success of mobile commerce mode, carried by the sina weibo has not only is the social responsibility, but also actively explore for mobile Internet business model, each step will provide useful reference for domestic mobile Internet practitioners.