Smartphones killing human creativity

Beijing time on April 1, news, tech blog RWW released by signed by Brian s. Hall (Brian S Hall), smartphones now everywhere, people no matter when and where will be out of cell phone use. With mobile phone use frequency increased, people bored daze of time less and less. But because of this, people’s creativity may also have been strangled, because, “boredom is creative pause, let the brain to divergent thinking, exert its potential creativity”.

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I love my iPhone, no matter where I go, I will be with you. But I’m starting to worry that the iPhone may kill my creativity.

and accepted many studies suggest that carefree boring to do nothing, to arouse and maintain the creativity. Our hands, however, the iPhone – in fact, any smart phones – let’s thoughts have been firmly attracted the small screen, we won’t feel bored. And our creativity is so poor.

“A” boring “living History” (Boredom: A Lively History), author of Peter TuHai (Peter Toohey) said in an interview with the New York times that Boredom is A kind of experience, let A person “want to, but not let A person get satisfied.” So, no wonder their own smartphone we can so easily to send boring. We can always do some satisfying activity, no matter how trivial, this activity is like taking a food pictures, play angry birds, on Foursquare check-in, etc.

in addition to know the harmful effects of these devices, we may be very helpless. Recall that apple’s latest product promotion, the perfect interpretation of the iPhone for its various functions provided by the hundreds of millions of users and entertainment. Anyone can use this “magic” device, is simple, rapid, regardless of time and place. But the problem is that it may not be a good thing, at least, not always.

mobile “patch”

of course, to send boring to eliminate the lockout condition has its benefits. Bloomberg reported that recently, including Coca-Cola and Hearst (Hearst), and other enterprises, the main advertisers are in the store checkout shelves products increasingly reduced concern about the “impulse buys” sales. However, this should come as no surprise. Now, people in the queue waiting for payment, will stare at their smart phones. Because of the existence of the “mobile patch” for chewing gum, candy or some rubbish magazine, people’s attention to these products is decreased.

“for a long time, the publishers may expect boring shoppers queued in payment, can be picked up a magazine, a focus on the article, and then thrown into the basket, this magazine put together with the everyday items waiting for my bill. But ‘mobile patch emerged. Now, rather than reading a magazine or on a whim to buy chewing gum, consumers are more willing to take out mobile phone to send a text message, brush brush a Facebook.”

it seems that the game, intelligent mobile phone games!

however, this victory comes at a price. In any free time, any place, to use a lot of time texting, update messages, post brush and make a phone call, our brain moment BuDeXian, we will never miss, these affected our creativity, thereby limiting our full potential.

“father” of thinking method and corporate consultant Edward DE Bono (Edward DE Bono) has innovative thinking has written many books. Bono will become “creative” suspended boring, in a daze during this time, the brain to divergent thinking, generate new models of input and understand the benefit people.

compared with adults, boredom may be more important for children. Education experts, Teresa Belton, (Teresa Belton), “said Dr Excessive use of electronic devices may cause” short circuit “creative ability development of children. Other education experts held a similar view that children’s imagination and creativity were eventually from boredom.

earlier this year, Science magazine “Science” Omega was carried out on the benefits of boring test. The magazine wrote, “from the University of Central Lancashire (University of Central Lancashire, hereinafter referred to as the ‘UCLan), a psychologist at some potential benefits for the study of boring, were investigated, the results found that daydreaming can improve our creativity.”

UCLan the study’s lead researcher Dr Mann (Sandi Mann) sandy emphasizes the boring in the significance of society, “I firmly believe that we should not be afraid of boring, all of us – adults, children, laborer and non – life requires some boring. , of course, I’m not saying that we ought to get people to take part in some boring meeting, but allow employees’ downtime ‘, let they can daydream, let their thoughts, for a swim this may will benefit the enterprise.”

Short-term gain

of course, there is another possibility, namely, by eliminating the boring, smartphone is able to release more free time, let people can have time to seek higher pursuit, to accomplish things more effectively. Psychology professor Gary Marcus, for example, to dispel boredom on us (Gary Marcus) the main pursuit of two weeks. He said, “boredom is the brain to tell you, you should go to do some other things, but the brain sometimes don’t know what kind of things do the best. If you feel boring, so go to play the guitar or cooking, these will make you happy. But if you choose to watch TV, then it will only make you feel happy in the short term, and cannot last long.”

however, we are operating via smartphones, will only let us get mostly short-term happiness. For example, playing games while waiting in line; The current row wallet ready to checkout, brush brush sets out his phone and taken advantage of the and so on.

last year, British telecom carriers O2 used for the user in the smart phone every day on the length of time were investigated. Survey shows that people spend a lot of time to see mobile phone, more than two hours a day, use the time to browse the web, visit social networking sites, play games, listen to music, phone calls, send and receive email and text message, and so on, no people use smart phones to learn a new language.

There is no switch

work, companies are often encourage employees to “jump out of the inherent thinking mode”, the premise condition is that the thinking mode will bring creativity and innovation, and better solutions to handle updates to existing and upcoming problems. However, too much time users will be a “box” – when one of the first is our smartphones – may mean that, we will limit our creativity. Don’t have free time let us to think to long, have no time to let us establish contact with the things that did not previously exist, there is no time to rest our brains and also don’t have the time to look, listen and accept other things.

but, to be honest with you, I hope my point of view is wrong.

I stared at the little screen time, much higher than average. Even so, I’m not sure I can “be” to turn it off.

translation: tencent technology