Smartphone innovation, how to know he died on the lock?

iPhone 5 s the fingerprint recognition technology can be said to be the iP hone 5 s in addition to the color of it the only bright spot, but after over iP hone 5 s fingerprint identification of crack problems, many hackers claimed that he could decipher fingerprint identification, even some people think that this is enough, a tong is broken.

iP hone 5 s can fire another reason and the color of its launch, a golden light, has left a lot of other mobile phone brands have launched gold series of mobile phone industry, this is the eldest brother of rocks, leading the whole mobile phone market.

according to the foreign web site androidsas the latest reported that samsung the Galaxy 5 will join the eye recognition sensor, so that the user by scanning their eyes to unlock the phone.

phone unlock the history of the

left function keys plus * key. Everyone loves that nokia has become the past tense, the author in a venue, 30 people actually is in no one hand nokia, Microsoft acquired the fate of the nokia seems to be the best. But in the era of nokia, in the era of bricks, flip, qwerty keyboard, nokia is the representative of a generation. According to the design, unlock just to prevent wrong operation, set up by the “left function keys plus * button” unlock way, also can only be seen in the hands of parents’ generation.

screen to unlock. The rise of smartphones, thoroughly changed the way big and silly keyboard, touch screen directly kill time nokia era of keyboard. Users no longer favor keyboard input mode, change the way the user keyboard input, almost only one or two years time. Smartphone era sliding screen unlock, than the previous generation way of unlocking progress is that it increases the user’s another demand, privacy, pictures, video, music and other related account password, the user needs to be protected their privacy.

unlock a fingerprint. Although fingerprint unlock this stuff too, just like a enough one tong is broken, but for many domestic users, it satisfies the user’s “Grosvenor LTD shuai” mentality, “see, my mobile phone is more advanced than you”. Scarcity value, the domestic mobile phone market in Shanghai has no mobile phone have the function of fingerprint unlock, only some like “shanzhai” products color similar to that of mobile phones, in really involves the technical content, they are new. Fingerprint unlock the real intention is to let the user’s privacy can be more secure, the password may be known, but the fingerprint is hard to replace (although the iP hone 5 s fingerprint unlock function is bad, but can grow up three hairs, fingerprint unlock technology also can become mature).

from nokia unlock way to now unlocked, pupil of fingerprint, the user needs only happened twice, one is to prevent wrong operation, one is to protect the privacy, some users feel naked, no privacy, you will come), real on user behavior, did not happen too big change. Some predict that the future of mobile phone unlock may upgrade to the level of “brush face”, brush face can unlock the user.

phone why innovation is dead lock in know?

filled with dozens of smart phones on the market at present, including apple, samsung, HTC , huawei, zte, etc. User demand for smart phones more and more, but the innovation of the mobile phone market is more and more small, both samsung and apple, etc., were not on the mobile phone market, even is a huge change effect on user behavior.

a unlock technology, change is the first level, in the breakthrough of mobile phone hardware and performance is not much. Even many recent reports suggest that several, including apple, samsung, millet and other mobile phone are explosive accident, caused personal injury to the user directly, equivalent to the user to carry a ticking time bomb. It hasn’t changed the user’s behavior, a second without basic hardware service innovation, this added value can change again? To move to death on it?

on unlock technology transformation, I tell you a story. A special set up the network department of a company, a dozen people, the initial sign in way is to clock in, then the new director in the company installed the fingerprint puncher, thus preventing the people instead of the clock, then is directly installed the pupil punching machine.

I think cell phone unlock technology like the ring in the same way of the company. Company set up in the form of punch record whether employees have to work late arrival, did not fundamentally change the user’s work behavior, the quality of work, it just changes the shape of the monitoring staff. Users’ privacy will not phone add understand will be very safe lock technology, domestic frequent exposure of mobile phone software, it has been around forever, this is a “wears a dragon robe of thousands of dollars, feel oneself is the emperor”, is not worth technology company for it.

smartphones now really need to change is, how to serve user . This is when a user is king, users will be more and more attention to his feelings of product, batch production mode, and the difference between the primitive times don’t have much of the simple and crude. Users will pay more attention to his feelings to use the phone, or even the phone whether to have the participation of the user’s own production or design, if it is only belong to the user with a person, for the user, rather than simple, cool, cool.

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